Belle and the big apple project by kayla short

I move from Alabama to New York city with notion of a journalism career and an appetite from downtown french bistros and charming, angular men.

For this project i chosen Belle and the big apple By brook parkhurst. The genre of the book is romance , drama and adventure.

Belle lee is a small town girl from Alabama. she have a dream of becoming a journalist . he grandfather is a owner of her family paper , so he help her get to New York and become a known journalist . While being in New York she get a job as a production assistant at a news network. While belle work at the news network she flirts and hookup with men in New York and even the security guard. She also meet Paige Beaumont who take belle under her wing. Paige show belle the ropes around the new station, career advice and A LOT if gossip. But one day belle thought about uncover the truth behind an illegal network that might ruin the election of female presidential candidate Jessica Clayton.

So do you want to hear belle adventure living in N.Y.C? do you want to hear about belle successful or not successful hookup? do you wanna know what happening with presidential candidate Jessica Clayton. Well read Belle and the big apple by Brooke Parkhurst if you want to hear about the adventure in


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