Self-Design 1


My goal was to see whether or not me joining Clemson’s Air Force ROTC detachment would have a positive or negative affect on my grades in my first semester in the class, LLAB section, and PT unit. I did this by following how my grades shook out throughout the semester.


I concluded that overall, joining ROTC has had a positive impact not only on my grades but on my life in general. This time last year I was looking at terrible grades and I had all but quit. A large part of this, I believe, was due to the fact that I really had no responsibility, nothing outside myself to answer to. By joining ROTC at the beginning of the Spring has shown me that I have no choice but to make better grades. Cadets cannot stay on academic probation while striving to graduate and commission. While these are not my final grades, I’ve found that the atmosphere of ROTC has pushed me to get much better grades than last year up to this point, especially in a difficult class such as Spanish which I have 4 times a week. Being a cadet forces you to be a great student with really no failure options. Having to wake up and go to PT gave me a consistency in my wake-up time and guaranteed that I would eat breakfast, at least on PT mornings. That would get me off to a good start on the rest of the day as opposed to last semester where it was very rare if I ate breakfast. As well, being a cadet comes with perks of having full use of the cadet lounge in Tillman Hall to do homework, study, take a nap, or just relax by watching TV or playing the Xbox One. I have done all of these things in there, but mostly gotten assignments done in between classes or while waiting on a meeting. ROTC put simply, has given me something to strive for which I believe was a large factor in why my grades have improved this semester.

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