Sexual orientation discrimination Elizabeth gray

1) Background Info on Topic

2)First Imagery Argument

3)Poetic Argument

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Background info

My topic is about sexual orientation discrimination. Sexual orientation discrimination means treating someone differently solely because of his or her sexual orientation real or perceived lesbian, gay homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, or straight heterosexual.Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace occurs when an employee is subjected to negative employment action, harassment, or denial of certain benefits because of their sexual orientation, or the sexual orientation of someone they are close to. Sexual orientation discrimination has been part of the workplace in America for decades, and while federal, state and local laws, as well as increased social awareness have improved the situation dramatically, many people who are not heterosexual still face obstacles at work related to being gay, bisexual, asexual, or pansexual. It is important for employees to have the right information about what constitutes discrimination based on sexual orientation, what constitutes harassment, and how sexual orientation discrimination can tie in with other prohibited forms of discrimination like, sex, disability, gender identity, and marital status.

I chose this topic because I am gay, and I hate how other people discriminate others for being themselves, and loving the same sex. People have their beliefs and stuff but they should not worry about who or what other people love. No one should have to hide their sexuality from the world! An assumption would be Being a particular sex is essential for a job. This is called an occupational requirement. This includes some jobs which require someone of a particular sex for reasons of privacy and decency or where personal services are provided. For example: a gym could employ a changing room attendant that is the same sex as the users of that room. Similarly a women's refuge that only provides services to women could require its staff to be women.

An organisation is taking positive action to encourage or develop people of a sex that is under-represented or disadvantaged in a role or activity. For example: An engineering firm places a job advert for a trainee engineer stating that applications from women are welcome.

The one who wrote the first pome is a guy. The writer’s name is Frank O’hara.

He wrote the pome for all people who are “gay’s”. It sounds like a woman is writing it because a man wouldnt say “trailing their long elegant heels of hot air crying to confuse the brave.” The writer Frank O’Hara sounds white, because the things he writes, he just sounds white to me.

The one who wrote the second pome is a British poet. The poets name is Keith Jarrett. He wrote the pome because someone asked him to write a pome about gay people. The poet sounds like a man, he’s a man. He sounds white, but he is dark skinned. He is writing the pome to the ones who asked him to write a gay pome.

So we are taking off our masks, are we, and keeping

our mouths shut? as if we'd been pierced by a glance!

The song of an old cow is not more full of judgment

than the vapors which escape one's soul when one is sick;

so I pull the shadows around me like a puff

and crinkle my eyes as if at the most exquisite moment

of a very long opera, and then we are off!

without reproach and without hope that our delicate feet

will touch the earth again, let alone "very soon."

It is the law of my own voice I shall investigate.

I start like ice, my finger to my ear, my ear

to my heart, that proud cur at the garbage can

in the rain. It's wonderful to admire oneself

with complete candor, tallying up the merits of each

of the latrines. 14th Street is drunken and credulous,

53 rd tries to tremble but is too at rest. The good

love a park and the inept a railway station,

and there are the divine ones who drag themselves up

and down the lengthening shadow of an Abyssinian head

in the dust, trailing their long elegant heels of hot air

crying to confuse the brave "It's a summer day,

and I want to be wanted more than anything else in the world."

“Excuse me, poem, are you gay?

Have you grown up contrarily to what I wanted you to say?

I most certainly didn’t write you that way

Was it something I said, something I did that turned you?

Maybe I should have peppered your verses

With sport, girls and beer

Maybe as your author I deserted you…

Or did another writer turn you queer?”

Always knowing I was different from the rest

They think they know me but they dont

I have feelings and people dont seem to notice

All these haters call me gay as an insult

They think it hurts me

But they dont know that i accept my self for who i am

I love the same sex

Love knows no boundaries

Tellin' us our pride is something to be ashamed of

There is no difference to who we love

You say we have equal rights.

but your all just bullshit and lies

You don't see us calling you stupid for being straight.

And To Our Haters, Why do YOU care?

Tell me why do we live in a society of hate?

Why do we make people feel like they should hide who they are?

If it was you would you stand up and fight?

Or would you run?

Would you accept the fact that you are diffrent?

Would you accept that people think wrong of you?

My solution is to help everyone feel equal. I want people to feel the same, to feel like they’re being accepted for who they are. I want everyone to be at peace with themselves and other people. When people come out, someone always has something negative to say.Some parents even disown their children for loving the same sex. You can lose “friends” for being yourself. You can be wierd, nasty, dumb,confused just for being yourself and not worrying about anyone else or what they have to say.

I understand people have their own opinion but when it affects someone else's life and how they wanna live it's fucked up. I accept others opinions because i can't do nothing about how they think but i feel they should not make another human being feel like they’re not right for loving who they want to. I know it’s hard for people to come out, some people don’t wanna be judged and shit, or even disowned. I find it really fucjed up that people don’t wanna be who they really are.

I wanna make people feel like it’s okay to be who they really are. People can state their own opinion but dont make someone feel bad about themselves. Its really noone business who someone loves. If someone wants to be a different sex then let them be! I feel like no one should really give a fuck.

“Why are you so gay?”

“Some people ask this question to shame me.”

“Someone says Oh you're so gay as a joke but then it becomes wispers, slures.”

“People close to me ask why put yourself in the situation to be discriminated?”

“He needed to own it to himself before he owed it to other people.”

“It's easier to change the communities view then to change who you really are.”

Well, no this assignment has not changed my perspective on sexual orientation discrimination. It has not changed my perspective because i feel that it's still no ones business about who you love or even what sex you wanna be. No one needs to hate someone for being themselves. People have their own opinions but i feel they should not make someone feel bad about themselves. I love when someone can come out as who they really are.


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