Flute The best instrument for a musician


Flute is an amazing instrument. It's not just fun, but it's challenging and sounds beautiful! Since the flute has a lot of notes, it is pretty challenging, but in a fun way! Keep reading to learn how to get familiar, play notes and songs, and how to care for your flute.

Getting Familiar With Your Flute

The first thing you can do to get familiar with your flute is to put your mouth on the mouthpiece and to put your fingers on some keys. But to do that, you have to learn how to put it together.

First,take the piece that has the hole, which is called the headjoint, and the long piece with most of the keys.They should easily slide in together. Before you put the short piece on, you need to make sure that you have the other pieces on the right way. If your pieces are on the right way, then go ahead and put the short piece on. You have successfully put your flute together!! See how easy it is?

Now that the flute is put together, put your mouth on the mouthpiece and put your fingers on some keys. You can make some sounds by blowing softly. You can do this a couple of times a day to get familiar with your flute.

Learning notes

Try looking in your book or on the web for some easy notes to play. You might be wondering which notes are easy and which notes are hard. Some of the easy notes are B, A, or G. If you turn your flute around you will see that there are two keys. One looks like a paddle and one looks like a golf club. You want to put your thumb on the golf club. Put the finger next to thumb on the second circular key. Put your pinkie on a key that looks like a little paddle. It should be on the little piece at the end. If you put your fingers in the right spot, then you made the note B.

To make the note A, all you have to do skip a key after the second circular key. So you should have one finger on the second circular key and one on the fourth circular key. Once you have done that, you made the note A.

To make G, all you have to do is put your finger on the fifth circular key. You have made the note G. Now you know 3 notes!!!!! In the future, you will learn some more harder notes, but for now you can stick to these three notes.

Playing songs

If you know only know a couple of notes, don't worry, there are plenty of songs you could play with only 3 easy notes! How cool is that! Some of the easy songs are Hot cross buns, Mary had a little lamb and Miss Mary Mack. These songs only require the three notes you learned earlier, B, A and G. If you know how to play these notes easily, then these songs will be easy peasy!! Don't get mad if you don't get it on the first try. I always say ¨Keep practicing until you can't get it wrong!!¨

Caring for your flute

Now that you play the flute often, you need to know how to care for your flute and keep it nice and clean. First, to keep it clean, you can use a soft cloth. When your done playing, you have to clean it good. Clean each piece at least two times, and remember to clean your head joint really good, because the head joint usually has a lot of spit on it.

You also want to make sure that your flute pieces are in your case securely. You don't want your pieces falling out, do you?


The flute is a fun and great challenge to play. It's a great hobby if you're interested in music. Remember, don't stop practicing until you can't get it wrong!!


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