Digital Resources for Elementary School Teachers Mary Katherine Clemens

Oftentimes Elementary school teachers do not have a specific specialty or content area that they only teach. Therefore, I put together a website to be used as a place of reference for a variety of digital tools and resources that these teachers can use in their classrooms. Ranging from handwriting apps to creating digital timelines to creating stop action motion clips, there are tools here for all ages and grade levels. It is important that teachers understand HOW to use each of these digital tools so i have also included short videos of how to use most of the tools as well. In order for technology to be most beneficial, it needs to be successfully incorporated by the teacher into the lessons and the content that the students are learning.



students can create their own blogs. The blogs are monitored by the teacher to keep them safe and ensure that the students are posting appropriately to these blogs. Teachers can also comment and provide feedback to the students.

Story Jumper

a tool used for creative writing that allows students to write and illustrate their own books. There is possibility for students to get their books printed in hard back copies if they wish. There is also an interactive workbook and lesson plan feature for teachers.

Ollie's Handwriting and Phonics

an iPad app for kids learning how to write that improves their writing as well as their fine motor skills. Teachers have ability to show students how to make the letters through the interactive


a tool that allows teachers to enter words generated by the students and then words that were used more frequently will show up as larger and more prominent. A "cloud" type figure is created with the words that were generated from the students and it is possible to see themes that were present throughout the exercise.


BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr.

includes games, movies, activities to make learning fun. Includes subject areas such as Social Studies, Reading/English, Arts, Health, and STEM.


interactive tool that allows the teacher to control what is being shown on the students' iPads at all times. Nearpod has many interactive features for students to enhance their learning including virtual reality.

my create

iPad app used to make Stop Action Motion clips. Easy to use for students. Students take photos of their creations and turn them into a motion clip.


a game that is used with an iPad. There is an attachment that clips on to the iPad and serves as a reflecting mirror so the game can see what has been laid out in front of the iPad by the student. There are games and activities that help with spelling, spatial relational skills, numbers, drawing, and more.



create interactive timelines. There is the ability to collaborate with others and have multiple people work on the timeline at once


students can create fake online pages similar to a Facebook page for a historical or fiction character they are learning about in class. The page has many of the same features as Facebook and allows students to 'like' and comment on other students' profiles.


Google cardboard

an app and a cardboard tool that are used for augmented reality. Teachers can download different apps with different "trips" based on what they are studying and how it relates.


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