DiGeorge syndrome By-Miranda and Reagan

What is it?

DiGeorge syndrome is a defect in chromosome 22. It's also a chronic disease that can last to as long as a year to a lifetime.

What causes it?

It's more of something you develop at birth, or while in the womb. The defect in chromosome 22 is what causes it.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include flaccid muscles, muscle spasms, learning disabilities, speech delays in children may be common. Underdeveloped jaws, wide spaced eyes, hearing loss, difficulty learning and listening as well.

Who is at risk?

Ages 0-2 are affected the most ages 3-60+ aren't affected as much as 0-2 year olds. This is a disease you more likely develop when you are born or growing in the womb. DiGeorge syndrome currently has less than 200,000 people who have the disease.


There aren't exactly stages to the disease. You can be born with it, but the symptoms couldn't show until years to come. They have tried surgeries, medical procedures, and many different specialists to help cure the disease, but have had no success.

Who's had it?

No known famous people have come out about having the disease.

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