A Resourceful Source by elizabeth thermos

I believe a non-profit that pairs up grocery stores to third world countries where families may be starving would be essential for caring and spreading love all around the world. This non-profit would show the importance of global love, which is greatly emphasized by Catholic education, and benefits both the giving and receiving ends of the deal. The giving ends are benefitted by a cleared conscience with the knowledge that they are making efforts towards making the world a better place. The receiving ends benefit by being nourished with the excess foods from the grocery stores across the globes. I would title it "A Resourceful Source" since the typical place of resources used by first world countries is a grocery store, and therefore is very resourceful for those who live within the first world countries. However, they would also serve a dual purpose as to also being the primary source for supplying third world countries, therefore grocery stores would be considered "A Resourceful Source."


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