Race, Social Bonds, and Juvenile Attitudes toward the Police By. Matt Lindler

Article by: Yuning Wu, Rodney Lake & Liqun Cao Published in: Justice Quarterly Volume 32, 2015 - Issue 3

This article is a survey collected from over 1,300 students of 13–18 years old across multiple US cities, it attempts to explain the integration of race into social bond theory to explain the variation in juvenile perceptions of the police.
"Juveniles are a nation’s future. Today’s teenagers will soon be tomorrow’s adults and many of them will be in positions to influence laws, policies, and practices, including those that affect the police"
  • Structure of Article:
  • Introduction
  • Juvenile Perceptions of the Police
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • References

Race/ethnicity remained significant among adolescents. The differential satisfaction demonstrated between white and black teenagers, and to a lesser extent, between white and Hispanic juveniles, was and is significant. Both black and Latino students remained significantly less satisfied with the police than white students. The inclusion of social bonds variables does not attenuate the significant impact of race on juvenile attitudes. Thus, race and racial animus continue to be a lived reality of America.

The Good:

  1. The data was a survey based which can result in a broad spectrum of data.
  2. The Article and Method was very well organized and easy to read. The test were especially well structured and the explanations of them were highly comprehensible

The Bad:

  1. The data was highly biased and the survey was not proportional to the general populous.
  2. The survey was based on a Four part categorical question leading to a generalization of the results into a binary system (good for organizing bad for minute details.
  3. Although the survey was slightly small at only 1300 participants they didn't take into account the outliers that existed or the extent of the crimes when questioned this resulted in bad grouping and possible skewed data.


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