Hi my name is Patricia Karssen, an app developer of children apps. This introduction will also be the start of my learning journal and at the end my reflection of this course.

Personal Brand means to me that it is the way how I present myself in a unique way.

This is my introduction photo instead of a video.

Assignment 1: Take a headshot photograph of someone, use Adobe Photoshop to enhance the image, retouch, resize and crop, image should be 404 x 404 pixels.

I need a new profile photo for my LinkedIn, so I was very pleased to make one finally for this assignment. Because I'm a busy working mom working from home I don't need to put on make-up that often, I leave my hair for what it is and my eyebrows are just as pale as my skin. I don't like it after seeing myself in a 75% zoom in Photoshop, so I promised myself to go to the hairdresser soon, fix my eyebrows to 2017 standards and buy some nice skin products because I really need some do-over instead of Photoshop! But you can see I did some Photoshop and I really like to see my 10 year younger looking version :) My Photoshop skills are beginner so I did what I saw in the instruction video's.

  • removed wrinkles
  • whitening of teeth
  • removed spots
  • turned the photo a little bit to get the shelves straight
  • cropped the photo

What I further wanted to do but don't know how I can do that is get rid of the grey/dark hair, removing big spots, shimmer on my forehead, resize my tooth, lift my eyelids and give me some eyebrows. Maybe somebody know how to do that? Please don't say plastic surgeon :0)

Here are my 'before' and 'after' photo:



Assignment 2: Planning and create a CV / Résumé that will stand out from the crowd and show potential employers the skills and experience you have to offer.

Here's my cv, not my original one because that one has 11 pages (!). I worked in IT and I've done so many things that it was impossible to place that on one or two pages. Now I made a lorem ipsum cv in Indesign. I'm not a Indesign lover. I followed the tutorials and I like what I made so far.

Assignment 3: Create your own personal brand logo and mock up headers for Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Use Adobe Illustrator.

This logo is made for my apps, I place it in the beginning for two seconds when the app is loading. It's called peuterpretapps and is Dutch for toddlerfunapps. It's made in Illustrator. To be honest, I'm not a graphic designer so I bought the design with the children. The children were all four white, I changed two and replaced them with a darker boy and a asian boy. The text 'peuterpret' is 100% my design.

Assignment 4: Create an ePortfolio using real or imagined content. Explore your options and include your decision making process in your review.

I'm a app developer, that's what I call myself for 2,5 year and I made a lot apps but I wanted my first app in de App Store to be for my little daughter Lois. Due some family problems I had to stop. My app for my daughter was almost finished. My family is doing great so I started again to finish my app. My app is under review at Apple so you can't see it yet but I build a simple webpage already and that will be my 'portfolio'. Now there is one app but I will make more of course ;)

It's a Dutch website, you can find it here:

Assignment 5: Create an Adobe Spark Page offering formative assessment feedback on a student portfolio and a student portfolio assignment (real or imagined).

This assignment is difficult for me. I'm not a teacher. Because I've to do this assignment and don't know how, I made a Spark page with drawings of my own child and gave on each drawing my opinion about it. Hopefully this will be good to pass for the assignment.

Last assignment: Create a short reflection on your learning.

I really liked this course, I like all the courses on Adobe Edex but this one I needed at this moment. Due family stuff the last three years I had no time to make a good picture for my resume, now I finally made one! There was a app waiting for review in the App Store, for almost 2 years and I had to finish it and I also needed a website for the app, so the assignment of making a portfolio was just the push for me. This course gave me a picture for my resume, I finished my app and placed it under review now (for real!), I made a website which I also want to use as portfolio because there are others apps waiting to be finished. After all, this course made me an app developer for real :))))

Because I'm not a real teacher (my apps are educational so I hope a toddler will learn something from it ;) that doesn't say I will keep all the learned stuff for myself, everything I learned on these courses I tell my 15 year old daughter who also is a creative girl with her own YouTube channel and she helps me sometimes with the assignments because she is her exam year of a media school and next year she goes to a higher media school to become a video editor.


Patricia Karssen

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