Tattoos on the Heart Project By Jake Newman

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace- The theme of this chapter is about how we all think of ourselves as a disgrace because of what we have done, even though God doesn't see us that way. We may do horrible things, we may be horrible people, and we may get called worthless or no good by everyone including ourselves, but God will never see us this way. To God, we are perfect, and that's what matters. My favorite story from this chapter is when Danny sets of the firecrackers inside and then denies it to Father Greg. Instead of getting mad, Father Greg tells Danny that he believes him. Father acted the same way God acts with us. To God we are perfect, and will always be forgiven. This incident with Danny also causes Father Greg to write that guilt is feeling bad about your actions, and shame is feeling bad about yourself, which is something I have found to be very true.

Chapter 4: Water, Oil, Flame- This chapter talks about how each and every one of us is exactly what God intended for us to be. This doesn't mean that we never sin, of course, but it doesn't mean that sin has to be a bad thing. After all, sin allows us to grow and to be forgiven, which is a powerful gift that God gives to us all. The chapter name itself (Water, Oil, Flame) symbolizes the sacraments. This chapter title fits in with the theme because the sacraments are a way for us to show our love for God, and to show that we will try to follow God and be what he intended. My favorite story from the chapter is about another boy named Danny. The Danny in this story comes into Father Greg's office and tries to draw a portrait of him. However, saying that the drawing turned out as good as the stick figure in the background would probably be generous. Danny then blames his inaccurate drawing on the fact that Father Greg moved. From this, Father Greg pulls out the saying don't move, which he uses as an example of how God doesn't want us to move because we are already exactly what He intended.

Chapter 5: Slow Work- Before I say anything, yes, the turtle in the background has a point. Anyways, the chapter is called slow work because not every God does happens right away. This fact can be hard for some people, and it can even drive them away from God. That's why we must have patience. Being able to trust that the Lord will provide for you, and having enough patience to wait for Him to provide is essential. You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race (hence the turtle!). My favorite story from the chapter is about a homie named Joey who tells Father Greg that he got a job as the mascot rat at Chuck E. Cheese. Joey says that he got the job to provide for his unborn son, and Father Greg tells him that even though it's not the best job, he must be patient and stick with it, because the reward will be worth it. This is the same attitude we should have towards God.

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