Racing in the Rain By: COle Huber

"I won't be gone long, three or four days." (63)

My dad takes business trips once every month for his work. This quote is important to me because when he travels, he usually takes 4-6 days on his business trips. His job is based in Lincoln Nebraska but has an office at home so he doesn't have to travel frequently. Sometimes, when he's gone the, the house will turn to chaos. Whether it's my brother screaming at my sister or I'm fighting with my brother. When dads gone, no ones happy.

"Sometimes things change, and we have to change too."(136)

Life is ful of growth and change, that's what makes us who we are. One day you'll be in love with Pokémon cards, and the next you'll be s die hard sports fan. It's what happens when you grow up. During the beginning of sixth grade, I didn't value baseball as much as I do now. A lot has changed in my life that I never knew would. This is just the beginning.

"I have never accepted food from someone I didn't fully trust." (72)

Trust is a very big word. It has so much meaning that it takes time and actions to earn it from someone.

"I wanted to walk the track"(128)

It took me a while to develop a passion for baseball. After I found it, I've never stopped loving it.

"Now she can go to heaven."(94)

2 years ago, one of our family friends Carly had passed away from multiple bloodclots. She was 15 when she passed away and it was on everyone in our family.


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