Maryland By Joseph

The Bromo Seltzer arts Tower

The Bromo Seltzer arts tower was originally known as the Emerson tower. When it was built in 1911, it was the tallest building in Baltimore. Inside is a jumble of mechanisms that turn the clocks that run on the outside.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

The Chesapeake Bay bridge is 4miles long. It connects the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington D.C. The bridge was finished in the July of 1952. 25.6million vehicles cross the bridge.

B&O Railroad Museum

B & O Railroad was a train company at the time of the civically war. The B stands for Baltimore and the O stands for Ohio. At the B & O Railroad museum in Maryland, they have activities for kids and adults alike.

The Marylandu Zoo in Baltimore

The Maryland zoo in Baltimore is the third oldest zoo in the country. The zoo has nearly 200 different species each in its own recreated habitat. They are also proud that they have one of the most successful African penguin breeding colonies in all of North America.

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