Philosophy Alumni Spotlight ROBERT A. GUERRERO

Robert initially planned to major in History, but that all changed when he took an Introduction to Philosophy class. In that class, Robert read Descartes' seminal work, Meditations on First Philosophy for the first time. "After reading just a few pages, I was hooked. I changed my major and the rest is history."

Robert took his degree in philosophy and put it to work in the food industry. He currently works for Yum Brands Inc., the largest restaurant company in the world. He is located in the Operations Department at the Taco Bell Restaurant Support Center in Irvine, CA. He says his philosophy degree is useful for him on a daily basis.

It’s a fortune 200 company and during my day-to-day meetings, I find that my degree is constantly at work. Having a background in philosophy helps me to use logic and critical thinking to get to the best outcome for the company. When you are surrounded by differing and competing points of view, logic and critical thought is your best friend.

Robert is a staunch supporter of the Philosophy Major and recommends that students consider signing up for it. He explains that:

Philosophy prepares you and conditions you to think beyond your initial reactive thought. Being more thoughtful and critical in the decisions that you make and more open to differing points of view all enable you to be a better in any type of career.

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