Environment By Nadia Contreras Escobar

The Dolphins are probably in danger and you will not see them if something doesn't change in the ocean because the plastic is going into the Dolphins stomach and die. I don't want the Dolphins to die. Do you want the Dolphins to disappear?


Here's a video of the world that I created and I think you will enjoy it because it has a lot of facts in the clip. Enjoy

These people are trying to figure out how to get the trash out of here and they might put it in the ocean. What would you do if you where these people? I know will start putting it in the recycling bin .

This car is not an electric car because the gases are getting out of the car and we can change this can't we .YES WE CAN!! How about getting an electric car it doesn't give out much gases and you just have to charge it. HURRAY!!!!


We have to save energy and if we don't the polar bears will die because of global warning and all the ice will melt .I will be very upset because the people are not taking care of the environment .

Every day people are using electricity around the world at certain times and it is great but it is destroying the world and you have to stop using much electricity.


food is all around the world but some people are not getting enough food because they don't have enough money or they are not served enough food. Some people are getting plastic in there stomach because there is plastic in there fish. I don't like fish a lot but i feel bad for the people that are eating it and they have no other b thing to eat.

Some food you might want to eat like the picture but you have to know if you are allergic or not but if your not you have to check how much sugar there is in because if you are 11+ you need 7 cubes of sugar, if you are 6-10 you need 5 cubes of sugar and if you are 5- you can only have 3 cubes of plastic.


Plastic is destroying the world because it is going in oceans, beaches and roads if we don't change this who knows what the Earth is going to look like in 15 years. I don't want to wear a gas mask where ever I go, do you?The world can only be plastic if we don't take care of it now. I challenge you if you see rubbish in school or on road go to the nearest recycling bin or bin and put it in there.


Transport can be dangerous because there can be car crashes, gun fights and who knows what else there can be on roads . This is dangerous because glass bits will go everywhere and that can be dangerous for the environment because it can bring over wildlife and they might slip

Thank you for reading this and pick up rubbish

i hoped you enjoyed bye


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