1700s By Hannah L, Hannah H, Briana M

Music in the 1700s

Text about music

Slave Trade and Ships

Some Negros were on a raft one day and saw a boat and the whites let them on. As soon as those Negros were on board , the slaves were chained and taken to the slave gallery. Over two centuries millions of slaves died from the conditions on the ships. Women were treated the same way as men if not worse. Women slaves brought their infants aboard and then they were shackled, and their babies were thrown over board into the water. Two women jumped over board to save another women's babies because she was tied up. This women struggled to get out of her chains to help but she broke her arm and died of a fever. Sometimes the shackles were taken off the women and they could go to the deck but if it got windy they got their shackles put back on and had to go back to the gallery. The slaves got very little to eat. They got yams which were randomly thrown at them. The dead slaves were randomly thrown over board.

slave auction

The Fugitive Slave Acts were a pair of federal laws that allowed for the capture and return of run away slaves within the territory of the United States. Enacted by congress in 1793, the first Fugitive Slave Act authorized local governments to seize and return escaped slaves to their owners and imposed penalties on anyone who aided in their fights. Widespread resistance to the 1793 law later led to the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which added further provisions regarding run away and levied even harsher punishments for interfering in their capture. The Fugitive Slave Acts were among the most controversial laws of the early 19th centary, and many northern states passed special legislation in an attempt to circumvent them. Both laws were formally repealed by an act of congress in 1864.

Slaves fashion in 1700s

The men wore beat up pants and shirts. The women wore dresses and the kids wore beat up clothes. If the slave owners we nice enough they would give them some warmer clothes and a jacket for winter. It was nothing very nice.


Shackles were used in the 1700's to keep slaves who ran away to keep from never running away ever again.



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