California: The great outdoors Chelsea Winter

California is home to some of the most beautiful national parks and landscapes. In 2014, I traveled to California and experienced the great outdoors! (Ps: all of these photos are mine)

Yosemite National Park, home of the famous landmark called El Capitan. The age of rock is about 100 million years. The time it took for those rocks to form is 2.7 million years. El Capitan in Yosemite National Park rises nearly 3,600 feet above the valley floor (7,500 feet above sea level) making it one of the most prominent features in the park.

I took this phot at the bottom of El Capitan, you can see how massive it is compared to the trees. I thought it was very beautiful!

In the video above, I was able to climb one of the big waterfalls within Yosemite. Look how pretty it is!

This photo I took is located in the "valley" of Yosemite Park. For photographers it is a very famous spot because you can see all the monuments.

Sequoia National Park is also an infamous spot to see beautiful nature. These trees have been around for over 240 million years. It is also home to the tallest trees on earth. Wild animals like the American Black Bears thrive in this environment.

This background photo I took was legitimately this close to these baby bears. It was so exciting seeing these animals. The mama bear was near and is in the video down below. It was probably not the safest thing being that close but it was worth it.

This photo I took was during our nature walk where we saw the bears.
These were the bears we saw. Bears are very common in the Redwood forest.

The video above was taken during the Redwood Forest. There is a famous tree where people are able to drive underneath it. Here is my experience while driving under the tree.

Death Valley is located on the edge of California. It is one of the hottest deserts in America. The average rainfall per year is only 2.3 inches. It is also the largest National Park inAmerica, measuring at 3.4 million acres. Interestingly, a lot of Star Wars scene's have been filmed in Death Valley.

Here at the main Museum and check point at Death Valley, this is the guide to get around it.
Death Valley has huge hills and trails where visitors can walk and explore.

San Francisco, California. Home of the famous Full House, That So Raven and many more television shows. Also known for the Golden Gate Bridge and the infamous prison, Alcatraz. San Francisco has nearly 850,000 live-in residents.

A very cute and interesting place in San Francisco is called Fishermans a Wharf, there is amazing food places, and even a Pier 39 where Sea Lions all hangout.

Here is a friendly Sea Lion that was at Pier 39.

This video was taken on Pier 39 at Fisherman's Warf where the Sea Lions were sleeping, and hanging out with their friends. It was super cute!

San Francisco is home to many diverse people. Riots or Rallies happen in this city when people are passionate about something they believe in. When I was in San Francisco, a riot was happening and I was right next to it. The video below shows what was occurring.

From visiting all of these spots, California is such a great place to visit. The beauty of the nature that lives throughout it is amazing. The rich cultural diversity and activities make this place such an experience. I am glad to visit California.


All photos and videos were taken by me.

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