Cuba. By Will Perry

Cuba is in the northern and Western Hemispheres and is located in North America.

Some bordering country's /oceans/seas that are on Cubas border are the golf of Mexico, and the Carribian sea.

The capital of Cuba is La habana or Havana the coordinates of the city are 23.1136°N, 82.3666°W.

The photo is of the Tempuature zones Cuba is in the tropical zone. Cuba is in the Tropic of Capricorn.

Sierra Maestra is a mouton range southeast of Cuba the highest peak ranging over 6500 feet.

The Yucatan canal connects the golf of Mexico and the Carribian sea ranging about 135 miles.

Cuba has a relatively small population with about 11,200 people and is ranked 110 in the world.

population density is people per mile cuba is ranked 82nd with 277 people per mile. It is not that crowded.

Cuba's growth rate is negative with -.043 percent per year. Cuba's fertility rate is 1.62 children per woman.

The 5 largest city's in Cuba are Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Holguin, and Guatamala. the picture here is of Camaguey.

Cuba has turned mostly urban

Cuba has a net migration rate of negative 3.64 people so people are definitely leaving Cuba.

Cuba is a developing country because their gdp per capita is only 10,000 per year and they also have a shrinking migration rate.

The main language of Cuba is Spanish so that's what most Cubans speak.

the most common religion in Cuba is Roman catholic church.

Cuba is known for its cultural diversity. Built from French African Spanish and Asian influences.

Cuba is also known for producing famous people like Carlos Leon or Jose Cansceo.

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