You already know that it takes the process of pollination to create the seeds. Can you guess where the life cycle of a plant starts? If you guessed a SEED, then you are right!
To germinate means to begin growing or sprouting. You know when a seed has started to germinate when the embryo inside the seed pushes out through the seed coat.
The embryo begins growing roots and pushes downward into the ground. The top half of the embryo will begin to grow leaves and push up through the soil up to reach the surface of the ground. The seed is now a seedling.
Next, the seedling will grow into a young plant. These plants are bigger than the seedling with more leaves. They still use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to continue to grow.
This is a young adult plant, It has just grown slightly from its young plant stage. It got taller and got more leaves.
Over time, the plant will grow into an adult/mature plant. This means that the plant is fully grown and is now old enough to reproduce.


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