Naomi Wildeboer Aspiring Artist

Naomi talking about a charcoal sketch she drew of one of her friends.

Naomi Wildeboer on her artwork and career

Naomi Wildeboer is a 19-year-old student and aspiring artist. She’s currently studying a general degree at the Ottawa School of Art. She’s optimist about her future as an artist and believes challenging herself is the key to her success.

“I just love art and I’ve spent my whole life in art and this was the best way to work on my creativity and further what I already have.”

Growing up, Naomi always had a passion for art. “I enjoyed drawing like every other kid, but then as I got older I realized it was more focused in my life than (for) other people,” she said “I just kept pursuing that and doing a lot of extra drawing and painting classes and then kept on developing that based on what I had started when I was young.

She was surrounded by creativity from a young age as her father is an architect.

“Art has always been my passion, so it seemed natural to go to art school” she said.

Her favourite form of art is charcoal sketches. “I’d say my favorite art is charcoal drawing. I started off with that and I’ve always loved how it really flows and it’s a lot easier to work with than other things, it’s a lot more forgiving.”

Despite the lack of jobs for many students, she’s remained optimistic about her future. “I actually disagree with the statement that there's a lack of jobs in the art field,” she said.

“Art can be integrated into everything and as an artist your doors are wide open.”

She hopes to continue studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design and become a graphic designer or illustrator afterwards.

When asked about the scrutiny Stephen Harper faced for cutting funding to the arts, she responded by saying she doesn’t think it’s the government’s role to create jobs or subsidies for artists who struggle to find work. She said, “I don't believe it's the governments job to create art jobs, I do however believe the government should make it easier for entrepreneurs by providing tax cuts.”

While she knows her future will be competitive, she’s not shying away from the challenge. She says she’s had to push herself as an artist before. She first experienced this when she started sketching real life people. “It was hard at first but I took the challenge and kind of worked off of that and find that I really enjoy it now.”

Now, she regularly tries to push herself to excel in the field. “I think I definitely try to push myself,” she said.

“When I make that jump...its really, really good for my art and I can see progress.”
Naomi works on her charcoal sketch and shows her portfolio of work.

Naomi's art portfolio, including more charcoal drawings

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