My Goals what I want to happen in my life

I want to give basketball one last shot to experience what it will feel like when I leave Thunderbird after graduation.
I want to play softball on the field with my team to make some wins and try to go to state.
I want to finish high school and coming out with good grades. I want to show my family I can be able to get good grades and show them how much I missed when I was a kid who didn't know anything and now what I will try to achieve.
I want to go to ASU to experience new things like what's it like to be a sun devil. I want to know is how fun it would be to go to the football and basketball games. I wonder how the school will be for me and showing me what I want to become or what I want to do.
I want to start my own clothing and to see how people would feel about my clothes and to see if it could be popular to wear the clothes.
I want to be a designer to design my own clothes because I love clothes and I want to see how far my designs can go.
I want to be doctor because I want to help out people and to see how many things I can learn about things I never knew what could be actually happen when your working on things like saving a life or make a child smile and make them feel safe.
I want to become a lawyer so I can defend someone to make sure they are not guilty for something stupid. I love arguing with my family and I always win.
I want to become a basketball player because I love to play basketball and When I was small all I ever wanted to do was play up till my high school years and try out at ASU.
I want to see my grandparents land at the Navajo Reservation and see what my grandparents land is like and how the view looks like.
I want to see my grandma's rug she use to make and I want to see how she use to make them.
I want to see my three younger brother's graduate high school and college. I want to see them get into good college's and have a good life and career.
I want to see what my history of being half Native American and Mexican.
I want to have my grandparents land and have a house and have a barn on there with lots of animals.
I want to have my grandma's necklace when she was young. I want to Keep it and show my children and tell them what it means.
I want to have lots of animals because I love animals and I always wanted my own farm with lots and lots of animals on it.
I want to have my moms wedding ring when her and my dad got married. I want her wedding ring so I can have something that meant something to my dad.
I want to go to Miami and see how it's like going out there for vacations with my friends and family.
I want to go to Window Rock because I love going back up to the North to go visit my family and just laugh with them.
I want to go to Washington to go see the white house and see everything like the food and see how it tastes.
I want to go to California to go visit the beach and go to my favorite places to like Disneyland and Sea World.


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