Online College Teaching Series (OCTS)

Graduate students are invited to attend a six-week online training on how to design online courses.

The Online College Teaching Series (OCTS) takes participants through the main steps of course planning and development and introduces the pedagogical approaches, design principles, and technological tools that facilitate online learning. This training includes online hands-on learning activities and active weekly discussions.

As they progress through this training, graduate students will:

  • develop their online teaching skills
  • develop some facility with Canvas (technology)
  • experience what it is like to be an online learner
  • engage with experienced instructional designers in the discussion forums
The training is from September 9 to October 20, 2019, and is limited to 50 participants.

There is no need to be on campus to take this training. Training is offered completely online and requires 4 to 6 hours per week of your time. This institute was full in the first iteration and there was a waiting list. Please register if you are sure you will be able to devote 4 to 6 hours per week.

A certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the training.

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Past Participants testimonials:

I feel like I gained a lot of insights and practical experience on the technical aspect of online teaching.
The institute condensed a lot of information about online teaching and design strategies that made me realize that online classes can work better from the professors standpoint than I thought. Also, it made me realize how much useful supplemental information an online portion of a class
I had no knowledge on online teaching. However, I learned how to prepare online teaching through this course. Also this course let me seriously think about what do I do to get the attention of learners and motivated me a lot as a future instructor.
I really liked how this course gave me a better foundation to teach.
It forced me to clearly and succinctly articulate small chunks of what makes teaching work week by week. A very worthwhile exercise.
I learned a lot about backwards design (which I hadn't thought about before, but now this is how I'll design all of my classes) and the institute challenged me to think about the challenges (but also the positive pieces) of teaching online. By thinking critically and putting myself in the shoes of the student, I feel more confident now about designing an online course and being able to anticipate challenges and make the course very engaging and find ways to maximize students' learning.
Sponsored by Notre Dame Learning's Kaneb Center and the CSLC (Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures)


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