Revolutions in technology

Industrial revolution


The farming revolution sparked it all. When peasants were kicked off there farms and taken over by the government, the government need a way to make more money and be more efficient.

Once crops became more abundant the population boomed. With less famin and more healthy people they need to produce more crops.

When all this was happening some more people had a little more money to spend. They liked to invest in new iteams that would gain them a big return.

Their 1785 the assembly line was created. The first sights of it was in Evans mill when they use leather belts and buckets. ThIs helped the process of building certain iteams like the car go faster.

The spinning Jenny was one of many weaving and spindling machines. This was created in 1764. And soon became the reason for big barn factories in the farm lands.

Steam powered iteams were the key to transporting goods around the world. It was first pattend In 1698. It's was used on boats trains and other machines. Coal would heat up wages to creat pressure in a chamber which would power a piston.

Negatives of the industrial revolution where child labor, no safety percautions and pollution

Posivitoes were less death because of the amount of food produced, more advanced transportation, and everything became more efficient

Digital revolution


Once the first computer came out everybody wanted one for personal use

Phones were one of the first to come out and urge for a portable phone that you could use everywhere was urging

Medical demand; When x rays and the internet came out doctors realized that they could use this for research and studies

On April 4, 1973 the first mobile phone was released to the public. Once these became very popular engineers knew that this was the future.

Social media; social can be a friendly place or a place where cyber bulling is a big problem. Six Degrees was created in 1997 and from there social media has had a huge impact on society by the way the interact to the unnecessary drama and gossip.

Positives; comunnicating is fast and easy. Research for school and personal knowledge is at the click of a bottom. Computers allow you to save documents photos and much more

Negitives; cyber bullying. False prioritizinG. And unnecessary gossip and drama

Green planet


A lot of transportation cause a lot of pollution and is causing global warming

Factories have been a pig roll in air and water pollution

Save money and be more efficient

Ocean cleaner cleans the ocean by filtering through the water and collecting all the trash that people leaving behind. This will help save the animals and clean up beaches

Solar panels are a power source from the sun. They are very Effie t. They are expensive to build and install but once in place very little work needs to be done.

Turbines can be found in any sort of spinning energy generator. Water dams, wind turbines, water wheels, etc. the help generate power very efficiently with natural resources without harming them

Negitives; loss of jobs, wind turbines kill birds, could cost more for civilians

Positives; efficient, cleans trash in water, saves animals and cleans air

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