BJØRKLUND The world`s first and, Norway`s only manufacturer of cheese slicers.


Thor Bjørklund (1889-1975) from Lillehammer discovered and patented the cheese slicer in 1925. Gudbrandsdal Industrier AS (GIAX) today owns the Bjørklund trademark and has production, sales and marketing from the head office in Ringebu.

Bjørklund is the world`s first, and Norway`s only, manufacturer of cheese slicers. The cheese slicer remains one of the most wellknown symbols of Norwgian invention and design. Bjørklund`s range of products consists today of cheese slicers and knives suited for hard and soft cheeses, serving cutlery for salads, cakes, fish and more.

Bjørklund was carpenter of profession. He constructed the cheese slicer because of the irritation based on the problems with cutting nice slices of the cheese with a regular knife. The products, which are produced in Ringebu, has through the more than 90 years become a classic symbol of Norwegian innovation, quality and design. The patent on the invention was registered Feb 27th 1925. Thor Bjørklund's prototype consisted of four pieces; blade with cutting edge, neck, spike and handle. Even though the cheese slicer has developed over the years, the principles of production are still the same as in 1925. The patent is developed in a way that makes it easy to make slicers for different types of cheese.

Bjørklund has been a manufacturer of cheese slicers for over 90 years.

AMITTO Non-stick cheese slicers

Amitto© is the biggest news in cheese slicing since the cheese slicer was invented in 1925. We offer a new surface treatment, which gives the cheese slicer much better abilities. It is often a problem that the cheese sticks to the blade, but this is now solved. When the new surface was launched, we also introduced new handles, one for slicers, and one for knives. The handles are designed to be good to use, as well as to be good-looking. The products can be run in dish-washer. These products can also be delivered as gift sets.

Amitto model 1000

Allround cheese slicer in assorted color selection

Allround cheese slicer with straight edge.

Amitto model 508

Allround cheese slicer with serrated edge in assorted color selection

With the same characteristics as the universal cheese slicer, but specially suited to hard cheese types.

Amitto model G

Cheese slicer for thin slices in assorted color selection

This cheese slicer cuts thinner slices than the other models. Fits well with Norwegian brown cheese and cheese with a lot of flavor.
The appearance of the cheese slicer has barely changed since its invention in 1925.

Other types of cutlery

Other types of cheese cutlery and cutlery not related to cheese.

Even though cheese slicers for all purposes is our main area, we deliver cake and fish servers, salad sets and over the last years, many new products have been developed. These products are both re-designed former products and special designed new products. Presented under you`ll find cheese grater, dessert cheese slicer, soft cheese slicer, cheese knife, spreader and classic retro serving cutlery.

The cheese cutlery are supplied with assorted color as shown on Amitto cheese slicers.
Bjørklund have cheese cutlery for every occasion.


The original cheese slicer series from Bjørklund consists of cheese slicer, cheese grater, cheese knife and spreader. The steel is satin polished to give a matte / glossy surface. Delivered with handles in several types of woodwork, such as beech, oak, birch, oiled birch and walnut. In addition, we have steel shafts. Products with wooden handle shouldn't be run in dish-washer, this will reduce the lifetime of the product conciderably. Therefore, we recommend to wash by hand.

Wood handle of beech

Original series beech

Wood handle of oak

Original series oak

Wood handle of oiled birch

Original series oiled birch

Wood handle of arctic birch

Original series arctic birch

Wood handle of walnut

Original series walnut

Handle with stainless steel

Original series stainless steel
Cutlery is an important factor for the overall impression of the table covering, creating atmosphere and mood during meals.

norway series

Product series specially developed for the tourist market

Bjørklund has a number of products specifically aimed at the Norwegian tourist market. Not only are these products great souvenirs, but they are very suitable as gift sets for companies etc. The product range is available in three-piece variants in simple gift boxes. The handles of the product series has a "hexagonal" shape and is somewhat thicker than the Original series. In addition, the handle is engraved with the logo "Norway". Please contact us for further information about the product sereies.

Product series for the tourist market.

gift sets

Our gift sets in different packings are popular gifts, and here we present a few examples. We also offer additional services, as engraving on wood, etching on steel and enclosing company imaging. Single products can be delivered in gift box, this includes most of our models.

These are just some examples of what we offer, please contact us for more possibilities.
Bjørklund is concidered a classic symbol of Norwegian invention, quality and design.



Gudbrandsdal Industrier AS (GIAX) was founded in 1970. The company has its headquarter in Ringebu and a department at Otta. GIAX offers expertise in prevention and helping individuals to get back to work. We supply finished products and semi-finished products, as many factories buy our blades for mounting their own handles. By 2015, the world's largest cheese slicer was unveiled to mark Bjørklund's 90th anniversary. This is located in Ringebu city center.

Telefon: +47 992 64 200

Randkleivgata 10, 2630 Ringebu

E-post: giax@giax.no - www.giax.no

Kontortid: Man - fre: 08.00 - 15.30

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