how to build a popsicle stick Pratt bridge by: Kassidy Kenning


  • about 200 popsicle sticks
  • one bottle of Emler's glue
  • handful of paper clips and rubber bands
  • 3-4 empty water bottles


  • step 1: research and deside what type of a Truss Bridge you and your partner would like to build. My partner and I chose to build a Pratt Bridge.
  • step 2: measure the length with a yard stick 35-40 inches horizontal
  • step 3: line popsicle sticks end to end till you reach 35-40 inches
step 3
  • step 4: take another popsicle stick and place over the place we're two popsicle sticks touch, glue down
  • step 5: repeat step 4, 4 times so we end up with four single sticks 35-40 inches long all same length
  • step 6: once you glue the sticks together you may consider using paper clips to keep the sticks from falling apart while allowing time for them to dry
  • step 7: once dry put two sticks evenly apart from each other parrell
  • step 8: take 2 popsicle sticks make triangles connecting the two longer sides that you have already glued. place the 2 popsicle sticks you are guling and make sure they evenly angled as shown in example below
step 8
  • step 9: continue making triangles along both sides of the bridge (you may consider using paper clips to hold triangles tight to beams so they don't slide around while moving)
  • step 10: after both sides are dry , (remove any paper clips you may have used before) set up the two sides parrell to eachother

Top and Bottom

  • step 11: take two empty water bottles and place them in between the two sides, the water bottles should be in the middle and your finished sides on the outside.
  • step 12: use rubber bands and place around both sides of your bridge with water bottles in between, should stand up on its own now
step 12
  • step 13: take popsicle sticks and make triangles along the top as you did for your sides,allow time for drying
  • step 14: once dry flip bridge over and do the same for the bottom of the bridge
  • step 15: take 10 popsicle sticks and place them side to side horizontally
  • step 16: take another 10 popsicle sticks and place them on top ways facing vertically, or opposite of the other 10 sticks
  • step 17: repeat step 16 one more time
  • step 18: glue your dry 20 stick platforms to the ends of your bridge, allow time for drying and your finished!!
finish product


Created with images by Patrick Feller - "Relocated Pratt Truss Bridge, Battleground at Deer Park Golf Course, Deer Park, Texas 0206101414BW"

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