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I wanted to take art in high school even before I knew I was going to Mercy. Mercy's art department was so amazing to me and I knew I had to get involved. I took Intro because with AP and honors classes, I needed a "fun" class to relax and take my mind off of the more stressful classes, and just for the fact that I LOVE ART! I didn't know what to expect really, but I knew I was going to learn a lot based on what I had heard from others who had taken Intro before. It really didn't matter to me what we would be learning or doing, as long as I had the opportunity of going to an actual art class.

Drawing Strategies

Positive and Negative Space

Relationships and Proportions

I learned the most about the relationships and proportions because whenever I would try to draw something before this class, some part of it would be disproportionate to the rest. I'm still working on making proportions as good as they can be, but I feel like my art is looking a lot better. I feel like my art has improved greatly now that I know how to figure out proportions and apply them to the space.

Edges and Contours

Lights and Shadows

My drawing skill has improved greatly this year. Before this class, I feel like I thought I could draw, but know I know I was sadly mistaken. It wasn't terrible, but you can see the improvement. I now know to draw what I see not what I know. I also learned a lot about proportions and that they are SO important if you want your drawing to look realistic.
My fragmented portrait uses chiaroscuro to make the facial features pop off the paGe. Chiaroscuro is the use of lights and darks to create the illusion of space.

Portrait Drawing

As you can see, my portrait drawing skills were not so hot before this class. However, by learning proportions and shading, it has gotten a lot better. My first day drawing had no dimension to it and used a lot of stereotypical facial feature shapes. Little by little my skills have improved and my fragmented portrait looks very realistic to me and is much more proportionate and balanced.

Closing Information

I wish I could re-do or at least have a bit more time on my impasto painting because the colors did not blend together as well as I thought they would. I also thought the red would bring something that "pops" to the piece, but now that it's painted I don't like the red at all. I would probably choose a different color scheme if I were to do this project again.

I know you've seen this a couple times already, but it includes the area in which I see the most improvement, which is my drawing ability. Before this I told myself I would never be able to draw anything close to this realistic. My attitude has changed since then and I feel really proud of this piece. I now believe that I can draw realistic things. My love for art has grown so much this year and I have learned so much.

Second Semester

Inspired by photographer Dorothea Lange

I learned the most from our clay trivet project. Not only did we learn how to use clay properly, but choosing an artist to base our design off of was also very educational. There is a lot that you need to know before working with clay, because a lot of things could go wrong. However, if you execute the steps properly, your clay piece will turn out nicely.

Chalk vs. Oil pastels

This year I learned a lot about color theory and how analogous colors will make pretty gradations. I learned that sometimes you have to create a new tone, shade, or tint in order to work with the color you actually see. Artistic license was also a new concept for me, and this allowed me to use brighter, bolder colors in places where they seemed dull or dark. Color also changes depending on the medium used. An example of this is evident in the two artworks above. In the chalk pastel piece the colors were able to layer and make smooth gradations, but the dust component of these pastels sometimes caused the colors to fade. However, with oil pastels it is harder to blend colors and you cannot layer the colors on top of each other either.

I feel like I was able to master using tempera paint. I actually fingerprinted most of this piece because I felt like I got better gradations out of it through this technique. When the brush wasn't producing the results I wanted, I jumped right in with my fingers to smooth the paint. I really liked the results of this painting, and I feel like I was able to control this medium well.

Here is my oil pastel piece again. I feel like this medium was harder to master. Like I mentioned before, it is very hard to make smooth gradations with oil pastel. The yellow was especially difficult when trying to blend it into greens and blues. In this piece you can see many color bands instead of smooth gradations. This is a medium that I haven't mastered yet, but hope to in the future.

Improvement Over the Year

Sound inspired Watercolor

I feel like my creativity improved this year. Before this class, my art was mostly objective but because I am such a perfectionist, I would get so frustrated if something didn't look exactly right. Through this watercolor piece, I learned that I really like non-objective and abstract art because there's not that added pressure to make it EXACTY right. When I make abstract pieces like this, I feel less stressed and gain the courage to be more creative.

Glass Coaster & Pendant

Through both of my glass pieces this semester, I feel like my design skills improved. In the pendant I worked hard to produce a balanced design. In both of these pieces, I used lights and darks to produce a strong composition that had emphasis on certain areas.

This year I discovered that I want to continue art throughout high school (at least.) Before this class I didn't feel confident about my art at all, and never thought I would want to continue art during junior and senior year. As a now published artist, I gained a lot of confidence in my art, and that art SHOULD NOT be a competition. I'm going to continue to try my hardest in art, but I now realize that I shouldn't feel bad if my art isn't the best, but to feel proud of what I've done and what others have done.

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