North Carolina,founded,1712 mckaylie ford


- king Charles the 2nd founded North Carolina in 1712 because he wanted to make profit from trade and selling land.

- king Charles was born in 1630,May 29th -Charles was known for his cavorting and feuds with Parliament.

- Charles was the monarch of England,Scotland,and Ireland during much of the latter half of the 17th century marking the restoration era.


There main jobs were farming and growing Tobacco they were mainly relying on there ports and merchants for there trade.

- there homes were much like ours but children worked, women could not own property and a lot of people married without a legal contract.

- For women they dresses in long dresses that came down to there ankles and wore a a hat that tied around there neck. For men they wore long coats.


-North Carolina's had a royal government and was ruled by 8 lords and had the right to approve or disprove its laws.

- North Carolina had a good relationship with the natives and did not have a problem trading with them but sometimes they would have there disagreements and would get into fights with one another.

-The assembly had gained a great deal of power at the expense of weak governors, and would keep the power throughout the colonial period.


-North Carolina has a variety of weather condition it depends on what part of the region you are in.

-North Carolinas region stretches from the sandy farmland to the inner costal plain to the states outer banks.

-North Carolina has a lot of mountains such as blue ridge mountains and the great Smokey mountains, which help make up the Appalachian mountains, possibly the oldest mountain range in the united states.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A general map of the southern British colonies, in America"

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