Central/West CX July, 21st - 23rd, 2019

With over 20 education sessions, be assured there is a professional development opportunity at CX - Chicago to help you, your campus, and your students thrive!
The Austin Bombing Incident & the package delivery processes- University of Texas at Austin

A riveting before and after look at how Document Solutions and the UT campus handled package deliveries as the tragic Austin bombing incident unfolded around them.

From the Campus police involvement, to Amazon deliveries, to security access to central receiving to "one-central-point-of-entry," topics that were on the back-burner are now front and center.

Supporting Student Activism: Student Engagement Response Team - University of Colorado, Boulder

The Division of Student Affairs at CU Boulder knows student activism plays an important role in students’ personal, academic, and leadership development. Activism allows students the opportunity to advocate for their values and beliefs. Join us as we share how our campus responded to the increase in activism on campus through the creation of the Student Engagement Response Team.

Urban Farming, Employee Engagement & Food Systems - University of Southern California

Join USC as they share a dynamic manner in which to connect food systems, design, urban farming - and their employees - in a symbiotic relationship that leads to lasting sustainability.

Evolve the Campus Bookstore - North Central College

Join North Central College as they share their journey to find a solution to the decline in the campus bookstore, one that would offer students substantial savings on textbooks, support faculty access to cost-effective course material options, and help increase overall sales for the College.

Who Turned Out the Lights: Food Service and Emergencies - Arizona State University

Join ASU as they recount interim and permanent solutions for foodservice during planned renovations and unplanned situations and showcase a “proactive” approach to making sure foodservice operations are positioned well to withstand the initial body blow of a disaster and remain in operation during the subsequent disaster response and recovery phase.

Redefining an Urban Housing Program - University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago was facing major challenges regarding capital assets. Specifically, its student housing was experiencing low occupancies, struggling financial performance, aging facilities and an increasingly competitive off-campus market. Join UIC as they shine light on the overall strategy to revitalize this housing program and improve its relevance on a highly-urban campus with a large local population. The presentation will highlight how UIC has been able to experience a resurgence not only within campus housing but across the institution with innovative solutions to advance its mission with limited state financial support.

Elevate your Social Media Strategy - Sonoma State University

Learn how to optimize your social media strategy by understanding your audience and speaking to them in the correct tone and voice. This session will analyze a case study - "Seawolf Living" - to facilitate discussions around utilizing the right platforms to meet students where they are at, creating engaging content, working with students and creating a strategy for success.

Hear firsthand examples of what Sonoma State learned along the way and adapted into the "Seawolf Living" social media strategy including videos, student takeovers and much more.

Solving the 'Last Mile' Campus Problem: Using Lockers to Connect to Students - National Association of College Stores (NACS)

Join one of our sister CHEMA organizations and explore a unique solution to the growing challenges across campuses regarding expectations of 24/7 access to a wide range of university services, including: post office, package services, keys & IDs, the library, the campus store, academic departments, etc.

The Myth of the Always Profitable Auxiliary Enterprises - University of Hawai'i at Manoa

This hybrid lecture and guided conversation will explore financial data trends associated with auxiliary enterprises reported to the National Center for Education by four-year postsecondary institutions to evaluate their impact on college affordability, and determine if they are profit centers for their institutions.

Overall, auxiliary enterprises have had higher expenses than revenues since the fiscal year 2009. This trend if not corrected will need to be offset with other funding. As college and university have limited funding sources, the likelihood that some of these budgetary shortfalls will need to be made-up by funding derived from students, suggests that left unchecked these losses will result in a further decrease in the affordability of college.

Taking Control of Textbook Affordability - Madison College

Madison College students raised textbook affordability as a serious concern and set about trying to do something about it. Their recommendation was a textbook rental program. As the College is implementing a textbook rental program, we are asking ourselves, is it too late? Has the publishing world moved to a place where a rental program isn't feasible? To help answer these questions, we will present about our college's commitment to affordability, our approach to textbook affordability, and how we stay on top of a quickly changing industry.


Two unique and immersive "micro-symposiums" to enhance professional acumen and facilitate collaborative industry wide solutions.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Auxiliary Leadership

Join NACAS CEO, Kelsey Finn, for an in-depth analysis of the pivotal leadership concept first proposed by Daniel Goleman, and enhanced by a plethora of additional professionals, all seeking to provide guidance into increasing our "Emotional Intelligence" or "EQ."

Learn the foundational components of "EQ" and what makes a leader, explore and discussion why even good leaders make bad decision, and work towards practical applicantion concerning raising your own "EG" and emotional agility.

Four fortunate participants will receive a copy of Harvard Business Review's 10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence.

Auxiliary Think Tank

Every school, no matter the size or prestige, faces the same list of challenges. Developing an effective strategy for utilizing existing facilities, finding new resources, and leveraging assets to generate revenue is high on everyone’s list.

This interactive micro-symposium will give attendees an opportunity to share their own experiences and learn how peers in higher education as well as 'edge thinkers' are grappling with a variety of challenges - from revitalizing a cherished but outdated centerpiece to discovering new opportunities to an under-utilized service building.

Attendees will be given equal opportunity to listen and to be heard. Gaining insight from experts in the field and each other with the comfort in knowing we’re all in this together.


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