Summer Audit Staff Intern 2017 in Tampa, FL

10 Week Program

Deloitte Background...

Founded in 1895 by Charles Haskins & Elijah Sells in NYC after successfully completely economic work for the government.

With the industrial revolution and rise of the income tax era, the market for independent external accounting professions increased.

In 1952, became the first accounting company to automate it's bookkeeping.

After much expansion to global markets, Deloitte now consists of 4 subsidiaries for Audit, Tax, Financial Advisory, and Consulting.

Why Deloitte...

- Ranked #2 for Best Accounting Audit Practices (Vault)

- teamwork and collaboration

- audit off-site work allows travel

- lack of top-down approach

- open layout - clear collaboration

- health care, life insurance, parental leave, fitness reimbursement options

The Road to Deloitte...

Summer Leadership Program, Internship, Full-Time Offer

Typically, staff become managers after 2 years of starting date, and from there will work to attain partnership.

Easy transferable employment to any major city globally.

Create experienced hires for career mobility.

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