The Vacation By: Chase Olson

I packed my swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen into my suitcase.

Second, I brought my suitcase and good cheer to the airport.

It was a relaxing, easy flight to Miami.

Well, I hoped that my room would be ready when I got there.

At the end of the port, I found my cruiseship awaiting me.

When we rode away, I watched the sun disappear into the seamless sheet of water in front of me.

The waitress, after pouring our water, took our orders.

I said, “Sir, can I have a soda instead of a water please.”

The cruiseship, the largest of its kind, sailed on while I ate dinner.

“I am going to look for a new wig,” I said after finishing his plate.

I love this yellow wig, but it’s too expensive.

The cashier, who did not accept my cancelled check, was cynical.

On January 30, 2010, the cruise ship was ready to throw me overboard.

The check was addressed toy Joe’s Pizza, 123 E Michigan Street, Grand Rapids, MI 56789 instead of the cruiseship.

I tried to write a letter that started with, “Dear Cruise Ship Company,...” but that did not stop them from throwing me out.

On top, everything was being protected by the floating buoy that we were sitting on to save our lives.


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