Skyrise JUsTIN

Over the next few weeks my robotics team will be planning, building, and competing in a game called "Sky-Rise". We will need to build and program a robot using Vex IQ pieces. We will building the best robot and we will win.

RULES ______________________________________________________


You can't impede the other robot, but if you do there will be punishments. There will be an autonomous round where the score will be doubled. Once a cube is placed on the tower you can not take it down. You have to take your color cube blue or green on to the tower on the other side by crossing a bridge.


Ways we might lift or carry something :

Conveyor system


  • Strategy
  • Bigger claw
  • Place the cubes on the middle row of the tower
  • In autonomous grab cubes off the wall


New Plan

  • Double Wheels
  • Higher and longer claw
  • Add counterweight in the back
  • Longer atomnomous
  • Longer and stronger arm ___________________________________________________

Post Game Reflection

I learned that when I'm building I like to be in charge, but as soon as the deadline gets closer and it's about to be time the compete I feel like I'm not a competitive and confident teammate. I learned that I can't expect everyone in a team to know what I am thinking and I have to get their attention and tell them what I'm thinking. I learned that I'm eager to building, but I often forget to plan and as a result I have to spend much more time fixing a problem that could've been resolved if I had spent more time planning. ______________________________________________________


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