journey to the center of the earth by brad neal

This book is about a journey to the center of the earth and how they have a hard time trying to do it. First it all starts when this guy finds a book his name was otto lindenbrock, Axel lindenbock, and Hans. Who set off on an adventure to the center of the earth.How it all started is when they found a book of an icelandic explorer named arne Saknussemm. Some things they found was ancient dinosaurs, and ancient fish that was suppose to be extinct for millions of years. But they turned out to be alive very alive and they have eaten the fish to stay alive. And when they returned they have made history as heroes of the great markable discovery of arne Saknusseumm.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Closeup of the Ice Island from Petermann Glacier"

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