Tour The World Bianca Persechino

Through these photos, we can glimpse into the lives of people around the world and explore their differences: their lifestyles, their personal style, their favorite items, and how they chose to betray it. It is meant to celebrate diversity and empower people in their individuality, all within the context of fashion items like shoes, sunglasses, etc.

victoria larroque

Necklace : Miami, Florida, United States

Victoria, 22, shot these photos in Miami where she practices photography. This necklace she got from a friend as a gift and has loved it ever since.

Brian Thompson

Adidas : Chicago, Illinois, United States

Brian, 23, is from and currently living in Chicago where he works as a freelance photographer. The shoes are special edition NMD Adidas and are his favorite out of his collection.

julie teixeira

shoes : Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Julie, 39, took these photos near the Jean Cartier Bridge in Montreal. Her shoes are bespoke by designer Lina Teixeira which include flamingos since it is her favorite and loves to wear accessories with flamingos.

Rachel simmons

Dress : Savannah Historic District, Georgia, United States

Rachel, 20, is from St. Petersburg, Florida and currently living in Savannah, Georgia . She got this two years after she first fell in love with the dress and how it made her feel. Its a three-piece set originally imported from England.

Melissa hoang

Sunglasses: San Francisco, California, United States

Melissa, 21, from San Francisco, California, bought these sunglasses in Primark in London and is depicted wearing them in Spain and England.

Krizzia Sumugat

Tattoo: Manila, Philippines

Krizzia, 25, is from the Philippines and living in Italy. She describes her first big tattoo: "It's about an eye, who looks the world with tear and feather. It means that the world is full of anger, love, war but at the same time there's a peace."

Tristan Richards

Harness: Miami, Florida, United States

Tristan, 28, works as a stylist in Miami and his latest obsession is his harness which he bought online to add to his collection.

Marco bertolini

Sunglasses: Rome, Italy

Marco, 31, is from Rome and has traveled to throughout Italy, England, Spain, and Berlin in his favorite sunglasses. His sunglasses are by Persol and made in Italy.

Ashlee Salvador

Fedora: Philippines

Ashlee, 25, loves to travel. Here he is wearing a fedora in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

"Every time I see the tallest twin towers, I always wonder how they made these giants. I'm my opinion, only 3 things must be needed to build these: Hardworking, unity and determination"

.....Becky..... ruhren

Nails: New York City, New York, United States

Becky makes bespoke nails with her main clientele consisting of drag queens from around the U.S. and the UK.

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