Tackling the Rough Draft Metacognition and Persistence

Two weeks ago I wrote a Journey Log about it. Last week I outlined it. And this week I did it... 1,247 words later my rough draft is actually done.

Me trying to figure out where to start my paper

After reflecting on my writing process two weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that I should probably not do the whole thing the night before like I usually do. So instead I did one half on Friday and other half the night before. When I first sat down, I struggled a lot with where to start and instead spent about 25 minutes on twitter where I find all my memes for Journey Logs. Then all of a sudden I had an idea and started just writing my draft right in the middle of my outline (which I never ever do because I have a slight obsession with having things in the right order). But, for some reason all my thoughts were flowing to that one section so I just wrote them as they came.

I ended up only using two of my sources in the annotated bib, but I have seven sources in the rough draft so I did a lot more research while writing the draft. I found that as I was writing, I kept coming up with more questions and then marking down things that I had to look up so that I could use them to support what I was saying. Then I would randomly think of things to include that I wasn't planning on including before, so I had to look up a bunch of extra stuff.

Persistence: the ability to sustain interest in and attention to short- and long-term projects

Persistence was a big habit of mind this week because I had to find and read through hella research papers/psychological studies. Shoutout to AP Psych for teaching me all the brain structures otherwise I would've been extremely lost when reading about the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and amygdala.

When stuff you learned in high school actually gets put to use

I'm looking forward to getting feedback on my paper this coming week, but also somewhat nervous because I don't know if I added too much scientific information in there. It will be interesting to read other papers and see what approaches they took.

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