If you fit soccer by:Ty

Do you like soccer? If you do, listen to me. I'm going to tell you what you have to know to see if your are ready. Do you have time to practice? Time to how up? And, are you a respectful competitor? All these are important if you dream to be a soccer player .cutey

What You Need

You play by 11 people for each team and you have a soccer ball in the middle of the field and you have a goalie and defense to guard the goalie and the net .Also you have two midfielders and three forwards one on left other on the right and you have your mid forward to start with the ball if it was your ball . Then you have a the other People sit out for five minutes people sit out for five .The biggest rule is you can't use your hands unless you are the goalie or you are throwing it in also you can't have more than one ball and you can't weapons or any cheating involved and no pushing or any physical contact No traps know tricks this shows how to play soccer and if you fit it

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