Paolo Veronese Maddie Beaton

Paolo was born in 1528 in Verona which is now Italy. Paolo's actual last name is Caliari but earned the last name after all of his work in Italy. He moved to Venice in 1533 and stayed there for the rest of his life. His father was a sculptor but then discovered painting and indroduced it to Paolo. He got his training from Antonio Badile and his training was oldfashioned and that made Paolo have a love for color and form. Paolo's lifestyle seemed pretty casual for a painter, he worked and directed a workshop in Venice.

Paolo was most famous for a few paintings including the Marriage at Cana, Feast in the House of Levi, and Family of Darius before Alexander. The three fine pieces of art couldn't be done without Venice which most likely supported him throughout his career. The city acted as a patron for him and fathers and friends help out financially and possibly mentally. The three isms that the painter expresses the most I think is Classicism and Naturalism. The classicism is so obvious in most of the paintings with the columns and I feel as if there is a special part of history that he would paint about and express it through paint. The Naturalism is shown because he uses oil paints and he makes the people look natural and not staged. He paints as the way that he sees the reality not the fantasy.

Veronese's Feast in the House of Levi

The name of the painting is called the Feast in The House of Levi. It was created between 1571-1573 and is located at an art gallery in Venice. The significance of this piece is that it shows so many things going on at once. The painting is like the Last Supper because everyone is eating lots and socializing with one another in a friendly way. The techniques in this project s definitely the little details because they do go along way with so much going on in one painting. On the columns there was so much fine detail and the people’s faces were very realistic throughout the whole painting.I think that this piece expresses so much it is hard to take it all in. It may be difficult to comprehend but I think that once you understand why everything is there it may make more sense why there are dogs, birds, and drunk men. The painting shows that there are multiple different cultures in this picture so it must be a big event that doesn’t happen all the time. The clothing looks pretty high classed so I can infer that this is a party for the rich. This painting may mean lots of things but it only meant one to Paolo.

I think that Humanism is the most closely linked ism because they are having a good time in a friendly and not loving way. Friendship is shown and there seems to be a lot of that going on in this picture.I find this piece interesting because there is so much going on and it makes it seem like you could focus on this piece for hours and hours and not get bored because there's so much going on with so much meaning.

The painting is stored in a gallery in Venice.

Veronese's Mars and Venus United by Love

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