Workforce Excluding the Disabled


In society a view has been place upon disable people in the work force that has caused them them to be discriminated against. Employers have very little consideration or accommodations for these special need individuals . They are not given a opportunity or any support in order for them to perform at there highest potential. This marginalization and inequality needs to end in the workforce.

Short Story :

There was a young man named Adam who ,was 24, and was looking for a job after graduating from UCLA. He was a engineer major and has been part of many internship where his work was seen as outstanding. Therefore he felt confident about going out and applying to companies and really felt prepare for any job interview. However as he went along applying he realize that once they saw him in his whee chair they began to underestimate him. Adam knew that after being rejected from five engineering companies it was not his performance in his job interviews but his disability itself that caused them to to discriminate against him and the employers saw very little potential in him. Adam thought it was unfair that his physical disadvantage and appearance , because of being paralyzed , determined his capacities in engineering involving computers. Adam knew he offer and contribute so much to any company and saw that him being paralyzed brought him a disadvantage to being hired and being seen as cable in the workforce.

When hiring employees we must ensure that discrimintion against disable people is not part of the process. There needs to be fair chance of applying and being hired. Great individuals like Adam have so much ability, talent and passion to bring to any employer. Its unfortunate that their single appearance in the work force determines their work ethic.

Capable of completing a job well as any non disable adult.

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Public Announcement

Dear, Brave Dairy

Today I got up from bed and I was so excited to finally take the first step into my future.I am sure I am going to rock my interview at this business program . I just can't believe I have made it this far from all my obstacles I have faced so far. I hated how much little hope people had around me even my own father. Is like there wasn't any possibility seen for me to part of my community and actually work. Being on four wheels has never stop me Brave it never has and it never will.This chair never stopped me from dreaming and pushing forward.I have doubt in myself because I know deep down I look like a work load because I need special help to meet my needs. However I also know what I am cable of and I studied like any other student and met all requirements and I have the grit and passion to offer to this company. I did feel like giving up at some point but how can if I made it this far graduating college. I really don't want turn back , but I know people like myself are discriminated against a lot. They see me and is like they forget I have intellectual ability as well. It makes sad and puts me down because I want prove them what I can offer all I need is a opportunity. Just one. My accommodations shouldn't be a bother to a company because I am not the only who needs it , there are hundreds others as well. Today I am going to do it and try my best and I know I could do this.

This drawing has a butterfly symbolizing hope for the end of discrimination of disable people in the workforce . he words in each wing represent the values needed for equal opportunity and empowering these individuals in society.


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