England By: KaiTlyn, chloe, and cathryn

Main Natural Resources- Geological: coal, petroleum, natural gas, limestone, chalk, gypsum, silica, rock salt, china clay, iron ore, tin, silver, gold, lead. Agricultural: arable land, wheat, barley, sheep.


As of 2016, England's population is 64,430,428.

As of 2016, the birth rate is 12.1 births/1,000 population. The death rate is 9.4 deaths/1,000 population.

As of 2013, 126,700 people are living with HIV/AIDS.

The life expectancy at birth as of 2016: - total population: 80.7 years - male: 78.5 years - female: 83 years

Individualistic or Collectivist

England is an individualistic country becuase the priority is given to individual goals rather than group goals. England is among the highest of the Individualistic scores. England has a score of 89. Just above England is the United States at 91. It is said that the British are private people and very individualistic. At a young age children in England are taught to think for themselves and find their purpose in the world.


Fish and chips is a popular dish in England. The fish is usually cod or haddock. Jospeh Malin is said to have opened the first fish and chip shop.

According to billboard.com these are the top 6 songs in England.

Englands most popular forms of music to this very day are: folk music, jazz, pop and rock music


Most people in England speak English as their first language.

1 in every 5 people in London do not use English as their first language.

There are 100 different languages spoken across the U.K., including Cornish, Manx Gaelic, and Caribbean Creole!


Most people in England are Christians. The second most popular religion is Hindu. Because the start of the Church of England, began inEngland by English settlers, it is a huge part of the English culture.


A taste of Britain, April fools day, bonefire night, Christmas, cricket, Easter, Edinburgh Festival, Goose fair, Valentine's Day

Goose fair

The people of this country usually wear wool or tweed garments and usually accessories with rain coats and larg boots or water resistant shoes. People of this country consider their style as "fashion forward", but most people disagree

Art and Literature

The literature of England includes writers from Scotland, Wales, and the whole of Ireland, as well as literature in English from countries of the former British Empire, including the United States. An example of a literary figure from the United Kingdom would be William Shakespeare.

English art ranges from scratchboards, sketches, genre scenes, pastoral images and starkly modernist figure compositions to a series of late, apocalyptic landscapes.

Gender Roles

33% think a mother should stay home now compared to in 1989 where 64% of the people thought this.

Women who have families mostly work part-time jobs to juggle the kids and other responsibilities.

The gap between men and women's employment is shrinking, and full time employment for both genders is growing fast.


The popular language in Ireland is Irish Gaelic.

In Ireland, the most widely practiced religions are Roman Catholicism, Christianity, and Protestantism.


St. Patrick's Day


St. Stephen's Day

The 12th of July

Arts and Literature

Irish literature comprises writings in the Irish, Latin, and English languages in Ireland. An example of a literary figure from the United Kingdom would be William Shakespeare.

A majority of Irish art is pop art, wood cuts, digital art, and photography.


Popular music in Ireland includes folk music, Celtic music, ballad, and hornpipe.


Irish stew

Shepards Pie

Soda bread

Corn beef and cabbage


The Irish clothing usually consists of wool and tweed garments with rain coats and either rain boots or water resistant shoes.


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