Maile Johnson B5

I want to have dance as part of my career. Whether I dance professionally or if I teach, I want dance to be part of my life. As a dance teacher, I will earn approximately $39,879 annually.

My dream vacation would be to go zip lining in Costa Rica. I would like a swimming pool at my hotel as my amenity.
Having bug killer in the kitchen is unsafe! These harmful chemicals in the bug killer are very unsafe to have next to food.
For this apple crisp lab, we practiced safety and sanitation. Each student was observed by another student to make sure that each step was performed correctly and safely. Everyone must wash their hands, pull their hair back, be careful with knives, and many other things besides.
In this lab, my group learned how to make and fry corndogs. It was so much fun and a lot easier than I initially anticipated! We learned about the importance of making sure that water never mixed with the hot oil.
I would like a vitamix in my future kitchen because I love smoothies. I need smoothies. I found this one on Amazon for $438.81.
Here are a sample of my knife cuts. There is the julienne, batonnet, large and small dice, brunoise, and chiffonade.
For this lab we made vegetable pasta. We applied AP and EP as we cut the vegetables.
In this lab we made fajitas. We learned how to grill steak and cook veggies. It was delicious.
In this lab we made Pavlova. We learned how to make meringue out of egg whites and sugar and a few other ingredients.
My favorite fruit is mango! I have a serious obsession. Mango's originate from the Southern area of Asia.
If going to an interview, it is important to be dressed nice. I chose this outfit because it is nicer, but still modest.
Apparently, I am not very good at taking pictures of soup. During this time, we were learning how to make soups. This particular lab was teaching us how to make thick, creamier soups.
In this unit, we were studying vegetables. We learned how to cut them and cook them according to their needs.
Ahhhh this was a lovely lab. We are currently studying fruits. In this lab, we made delicious tarts with strawberries, oranges, and blueberries.
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