I provide a broad range of routine and complex dental treatments for people of all ages. Here are a few ways I can help you.

Routine Dental Treatments :

Dental Check ups - Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is. Regular routine dental check ups will help to identify problems early, when simpler and more cost effective treatments can be offered. Routine dental check ups £73.00

The closer you look, the more you see

Dental Hygiene - My dental hygienists are boss of the floss. They will help you to keep your gums healthy, your teeth shiny and your breath fresh. Routine hygiene visits - £88.00

50 shades of yuk!? Time you booked him in with my hygienist.

Tooth Coloured Fillings - It is the neglect of timely repair that makes replacing teeth necessary. My expertly planned and artistically executed fillings will add years to the life of your teeth. From £250.00 per tooth

Blending Art and Science

Complex Dental Treatment :

I am able to undertake the vast majority of dental work, which my clients require. However, from time to time, the complexity of a particular case requires referral to a specialist. I am proud to have forged close working relationship with a number of specialists nearby to my locality, who I genuinely feel are leaders in their fields. In this way, no matter what your dental needs, I am able to offer viable and lasting solutions.

Root Canal Treatment - If the thought of root canal makes you whimper, you will be delighted to know that the gentle and patient way I perform this service will make the whole journey a breeze. I am proud to have maintained a 93% success rate with my treatment over the past 15 years. From £375.00 per tooth

Terrifying, amazing and beautiful

Dental Crowns - Life isn't perfect but my crowns come pretty close. They will make your teeth whole, strong and beautiful. I am privileged to be able to work with some of the best dental technicians in the country, which means you are always assured of superb quality. Like a well crafted piece of jewellery, if you look after these crowns, they may even last a life time. From £875.00 per tooth

Let my crowns get out the princess inside of you

Dental Implants - Life is so much better when you are laughing. Don't miss life because of missing teeth. Like an old friend, you probably only truly value your teeth when you miss them. But if you miss them, I can substitute them in a way that no one will ever know. Right now dental implants are more predictable and longer lasting than any comparable medical procedure. Contact us for further information, costs and payment plans.

Are you missing a tooth?

Contact us for further information, costs and payment plans.

Cosmetic Treatments :

People can recognise smiles from up to 300 feet away, making it the most easily recognisable facial expression. Smiles make a person seem more attractive, sociable and confident, and people who smile more are more likely to get a promotion. First positive impressions all come down to the power of an attractive smile. In fact, 70% of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup.

Making your teeth look good makes you feel confident. And that’s all part of being healthy.

How can I give you confidence in your smile?

Tooth whitening - Your teeth do not have to be yellow just because you are on a budget. Treatment with professional tooth whitening gels are pain-free, sustainable, easily repeatable and used by millions of people worldwide. The process can effectively be done in the privacy of your own home and the current material which I recommend only needs 30 minutes of application at a time

Choose to sparkle

Professional tooth whitening gels are completely safe to use and will not whiten or brighten your teeth unnaturally. In fact, they will help your teeth to regain the youthful glow, which they once had but perhaps have lost now. Home kits from £300.00

Dental Veneers - Over the past 30 years, porcelain veneers have become synonymous with cosmetic dentistry. although these have been oversold as a solution to many aesthetic challenges by others, I believe that with good case selection, thorough planning, expert technician and meticulous fitting technique, porcelain veneers can produce stunning results.

To emulate nature is man's greatest achievement

Contact us for further information, cost and payment plans.

If you want to find out more about the practice or me, please follow the buttons below:

We accept all major dental insurances otherwise you can make payment with cash, cheque or credit card. We also offer payment plans, which is detailed below.


(Making your treatment more affordable)

I am delighted to be able to offer our clients the benefit of finance plans of 0% finance over a 12 month period or longer. If you would like to find out whether you would be approved for finance, please contact Julie (my practice manager), who will be happy to help.

The application is very simple and you usually can get an answer back within a few hours as to whether your application has been accepted.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Makes treatment instantly affordable – by allowing you to spread the cost, you can opt to have the treatment you want, when you want it.
  • Greater choice of treatments – by making treatments more affordable, you can access a wider range of treatments and choose the one perfect for you.
  • Payment terms to suit you – with a range of options available, you can choose the one best suited to your circumstances.
  • No up-front deposit option – with the choice to opt for no initial financial outlay, you can avoid dipping into your savings or having to find a lump sum to start your treatment.

If you are ready to schedule a visit or have any questions, then please either follow the button below or call Julie on 020 77247440 or email her on info@stanhopeplace.com

Stanhope Place Dental Practice

10 Stanhope Place | Marble Arch | London | W2 2HH

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