A B C'S of culture

Amethyst Hummingbird with a\Martin Johnson HeadeWhite Orchid by Martin Johnson Heade

Art and Literature



Communication and Transportation

Jeep Sahara
IPhone 7 PLUS


White Nike air force 1
Adidas soccer pants


Fresh market


Chart of Families in America
The chart shows how educated and uneducated parents effect the way they live


The Three levels of the government
The supreme court


The American Revolution
Apollo 11landing


The rose is a symbol of love and beauty (as well as war and politics) the world over
The bald eagle was chosen for its majestic beauty, great strength, long life, and because it's native to North America.




Knowledge can be passe down by Journals
Knowledge can be passed down from the generations of family


There are multiple languages and this is a chart of how many languages are spoken in America
215 million people over age 5 speak English fluently in the United States. An additional 28 million Americans speak Spanish as a primary language.

Movement & Migration

people who need jobs come to America to find more job
People who are discriminated leave America

National Pride

You can get a tattoo to symbolize your respect for your country



A graph of the population of last year
This pie makes of Americas population

Quality of life


The jewish star
The Muslim religious symbol


Social class in America
The yearly income the different classes in America receive


Abortion is a taboo America has and that many don't agree with but it still happens
Polygamy is having multiple wives at the same time and America does not allow that. America is against having multiple spouses at once

Urban or rural

Vacation & Recreation

This is a pie chart of the favorite to the least favorite sports in America
People usually travel or go to attraction for fun

Ways of everyday life

The majority of people go to a shopping mall or do online shopping
Most americans cook inside heir home or order take out

X marks the spot

Geography affects the culture because of the type of diversity in the world


This is usually what people in America have for lunch if they go out
Burgers is one of the many food America is best known for


You will usually see a dog on a leash because not many people like to see dogs loose
Most Americans will drive a car over taking the bus, taxi or even riding a bike

America's culture is very interesting they have so many cultures in one area.All states have more than 5 cultures within the area and they all are excepted by most


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