Helping Women in crisis: the Hazara Quetta, Pakistan

PROJECT OVERVIEW: This pilot project will partner with women from the Hazara tribes who are the most marginalized and isolated due to their Mongolian physical features. The aim is to help a group of women in crisis. The Ethnic Hazara community has been living in Quetta city for more than a century with 600,000 inhabitants. The minority community is the victim of persecution, extreme human rights violations, and discrimination. At least 3,600 Hazara men, women and children have lost their lives and more than 4,000 have been injured in Quetta in recent years. The proposed project will provide opportunities for victimized girls and women to learn the art of embroidery, cloth sewing, indigenous art, and to establish women’s entrepreneur groups with training on women’s rights as well as entrepreneurship and market linkages. CDeF proposes to establish a Women’s Learning Center (WLC) focused on these targeted areas. The project duration will be one year. After the completion of the project a monthly income and expenditure analysis anticipated would follow. The project will provide opportunities to train women in gaining their own income and promote self-economic sustainability.

CATEGORY: Civil Society SETTING: Urban STATUS: Future project

BY: Community Development & Entrepreneurship Foundation

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: This project will partner with young girls and women from the Hazara tribes, an ethnic minority living in Quetta city. These are the most deprived and under-counted sections of society. Most of the families lost their primary bread-winners in the tragic targeted killings and bomb blasts since 1998. The women and girls in this project will build their skills in indigenous art and self-economic dependency. They will be trained in embroidery, cutting, and indigenous arts to sustain their lives and earn a good living.

PARTNERS: This project will partner local CBOs, indigenous arts centers, technical centers and garner other resources to run the project in an effective way.