Portraits By: Cecilia Arredondo

Take a photo outside: to take this photo i used selective focus and rule of thirds. I wanted the photo to have the football stadium as the background.

Against a Wall: i didn't want to use an actual school wall so i used a mat as the wall. I also used rule of thirds to take this photo.

Away from the wall: I used center of interest on Grace. There are many different walls in this photo and Grace is away from all of them.

Use the subjects environment: Ashrowo is using her locker and looking at her notebook. this photo is using color and rule of thirds.

Your choice: I wanted to take a photo outside while using natural light. Grace, Ashrowo, and the tree are focused.

Natural light from the window: I used selective focus and center of interest. the light is coming from the window onto Ciera's face.

Your choice: i used the flash for this picture because it makes the people stand out more. There is a use of color in Ashrowo's jeans and shirt.

Your choice: In this photo there is selective focus o the tree. I wanted to take another photo outside because the natural light made the photo stand out.

With flash: This photo has center of interest and color. Ciera is in the middle of the photo and looking away.

Without flash: this photo also has center of interest and color. Ciera is also looking away in this picture.

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