The Wednesday Wars ConText By emmily Comstock


  • Holling, the main character is growing up during 1957
  • His sister, Heather follows the flower child movement
  • His teacher, Mrs. Baker, which he spends every Wednesday afternoon with has a husband away as a lieutenant in the Vietnam war
  • His fathers architectural family business is thriving because of the need for new structures as some were abandoned because of the war
Cultural context of the book:

Some families in Hollings school conformed into the anti Vietnam war protests, though not as extremely as his sister who proclaimed herself a "flower child" the group of protesters of the war at that time

Historical and Geographical context:

Holling grows up in the northern east coast away from the deep south where the civil rights movement is in full swing however the bigger issue in his area is the protesting of the Vietnam war

Social Context:

Holling's social is sourly based around protecting his dads companies reputation, however tension rises in their society as people divide over the war and Mrs. Bakers husband goes missing

At the end of the end of the story, Mrs. bakers husband returns home unharmed, a very story book ending. But the Vietnam war rages on.


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