What's left of your life keeps shrinking. So make it better.

Perhaps you are searching for a stimulating and rewarding job or maybe you are looking for someone remarkable to join your team or board. Whichever it is, Nurole has spent five years pioneering a uniquely, intelligent recruitment system - specifically to serve talented board members and senior executives.

Nurole's recruitment system blends proven sector expertise of humans with Artificial Intelligence.

After extensive research on how to improve the quality of Boards and Leadership Teams, Nurole discovered two simple truths. Firstly, that the majority of the brightest, most capable people will happily apply for a well-targeted, appealing role if they just knew it existed. And that even the busiest executives are prepared to work hard to land a job if they really want it.

By systematically clarifying what people want, Nurole demonstrably improves business performance.

Nurole concluded the best way to serve the world's best living talent would be to curate its own global network. An organic community that is constantly being grown and updated by its members. A resource not constrained by geographical boundaries, where engagement would never be stuck in timezone stasis, nor would it be hamstrung by past roles or old job titles. It would broker fresh opportunities. The Nurole Network was born.

The Nurole Network lets high calibre talent discover, and be discovered, unconstrained by past roles.

Every day, the Nurole Network grows in size and intelligence. The community currently comprises of over 20,000 highly skilled professionals. By deploying increasingly sophisticated algorithms and rules gleaned from masses of successful recruitment data, Nurole digs much deeper than past experience and qualifications to match fresh, tantalising opportunities with remarkably suitable candidates.

Everyday, the Nurole Network gets better, just by serving its members and proving that it works.

Individuals who are chosen for a role will apply if it excites them. It's simply a process of completing an online form showcasing their suitability and enthusiasm to potential employers. If the role doesn’t appeal, network members can nominate other suitable candidates. This feature extends the tentacles of the search, at the same time growing and binding the Nurole Network community.

Nurole is demonstrably improving job satisfaction by modernising the process of talent procurement.

As its systematic process continues to evolve, Nurole is developing new technology to garner more insight from the data that the Nurole Network creates. Nurole's driving purpose is to facilitate better and more intelligently curated teams of talent. Improved efficiency and better outcomes for all parties - the searchers and the searched.

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