Craig Kielburger Founder of free the children and we day

Craig Kielburger was only 12 years old when he decided to give up his childhood and start preparations for his world renown non-profit organization know as Free The Children which was founded in 1995

Free The Children was founded by Craig Kielburger and 11 of his class mates who were interested in his cause

Not only did Kielburger raise millions for his cause to help child labor slaves; as a 12 year old he raised enough money to travel to Southern Asia to witness child labor first hand to truly understand what it was like.

Kielburger really expresses himself and shows his passion for kids he truly believes that children are the future and that is why has so much hope for the future generations which motivated him to start WE Day

Craig Kielburger was only a kid when he first heard of Iqbal's Masih murder a young boy speaking out on child labor. Iqbal was a young Pakistani boy who was a victim of child labor then he was then free'd.

In that very moment as Kielburger states "The moment that would forever be engraved in my mind" Kielburger was never the same it effected him on so many levels that he had to speak about it and tell someone.

Kielburger was so startled when he heard a boy his own age was shot for speaking out. That he felt that as a human being it would only be right that he do something.

From then on Kielburger made it his goal to help those who never had a childhood Kielburger gave up his childhood just like the child labor slaves so that he could help people with nothing.

Perceiving at age 12

Craig Kielburger with victims of child labor

To be taken serious at 12 years old telling your teachers and parents that you want to change the world is not an easy thing often times they don't believe you or they think its a phase but not for Craig Kielburger he stuck to his passion and followed it across the globe.

Kielburger remembers a time when his parents sat him down and truly asked him if what he was doing was a phase he was going through. Kielburger took time to understand what he was doing and he truly told his this was not just a phase it was really what he wanted to pursue.

Kielburger would also speak in front of large crowds to explain what cause he was trying to fix no one would pay much attention to him until Kielburger would show his passion for his cause and people would really begin to understand that Kielburger really wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who were effected by poverty.

Kielburger funded his own trip to the southern parts of Asia where Iqbal was from and also where child labor was so abundant because of the poverty

Kielburger felt that it was essential that he go see what child labor was like; he had to experience it first hand so he wasent left wondering how it really was.

When Kielburger first arrived in India he automatically knew he was out of place and he was going to feel like that. He was a 12 year old boy in a poverty stricken country which was not an easy thing.

Kielburger visited: Dhaka, Bangkok, Calcutta, Kathmandu, Delhi and various other parts of India.

Background on Child Labor

Children don't have time to get an education and have fun they have to either work around the house like this girl or they have to get a job to help pay for necessities

Most likely the reason a child is a child labor slave is because their own parents couldn't afford to have them so they leave them on the streets the kids then have no where else to turn to

Another serious reason is a parent is either in debt or is paying for something so they sell the child to the Sweat shops for money. For example Iqbal Masih's parents sold him to pay for his brothers wedding and he was never allowed to leave his owner just kept adding debt to his freedom.

These poverty stricken countries know they have child labor but the thing is they can't stop it the country is so poor that the people have no other choice but to open sweat shops and recruit child labor slaves to work for them and children have no where else to turn to as well

That is where Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc come in they go across the globe helping those in need and teaching them stability Kielburger once said "The greatest gift you can give someone is to never need charity again" And this is the idea of sustainability

Craig Kielburger first started his organization in 1995 and as you can see from the graph during Kielburger's time starting the organization India was the 2 most poverty stricken country and most of their population was living with under a $1.25 which is most likely why the child labor percentage is so high in places like India.

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Kielburger expresses his idea for sustainability in impoverished countries it is hard but is possible and Kielburger says that all you need is a few people to change the world.

"Be the Change" is the slogan of Craig Kielburger and his organization it inspires teens to go out and make a change instead of waiting for others to do it for them.

Currently Kielburger along with the help with his peers and the followers of Free the Children 500 schools have been established all over southern Asia and Latin america

Free the Children has also sent 200,000 medical and school kits to poverty stricken countries across the world helping the victims to child labor

Craig Kielburger started in his home sending letters to his family members to help fund his organization as well as going to high schools and presenting to the students and getting more people to sign up and help with his struggle.

It amazes me how Kielburger when from a scared 12 year old boy who was terrified of crowds to facing his true fear and speaking out in front of millions of people hoping they will have the same incentive as him and go be the change in the world.

Present Day Craig Kielburger

Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc at WE Day

Although Craig and Marc Kielburger still focus on helping those in need of help its seems as they are focusing on what is really important for the following years to come

Inspiring kids to make their own change in the world this is why the Kielburger host up to nine WE Day conventions a year to motivate kids or the future of the Earth to change the world in any possible way



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