DINN K Feeling Out Loud (Acoustic) Single EPK


With his unshakable passion and overachieving attitude, artsy bloke and hopeless romantic Dinn K will magnetize you with his melodious hooks wrapped in catchy lyrics that come from his heart, to his head, and out his chest.


Visual art by Dinn K

Following the release of his debut single titled "Feeling Out Loud", singer-songwriter and visual artist Gabriel Z. Kuri (a.k.a. Dinn K) recently released the acoustic, reimagined version of the song, in collaboration with once-idol, now music-journey mentor and friend//producer, Cameron Mizell.

The track's new sound shines a brighter light on the singer's talent, just as it holds a lot more meaning in the artist's heart. Dinn began singing and writing songs at the age of fourteen when he started an acoustic project with a new friend of his at the time, thus turning acoustic music into something very special for him. Since then, he's been heavily inspired by some of the artists from the acoustic Post-Hardcore scene from 2012-2013 like Kellin Quinn, as well as artists that have influenced his music taste and songwriting over the years, like Bruno Mars and Chester Bennington.

The combination of a hopeful sounding melodic piano performed by the young Norwegian and multi-talented artist Iselin Leine, a set of strings and a vocal track packed with emotion and honesty, breathes new life into the song, allowing the lyrical content to shine in ways it didn't before.

Being Dinn's second official music release after joining the Morla Records family, his visuals and media became more polished, and he constantly expresses his gratitude towards his fellow Morla artists, and thanks them for the growth they've helped him achieve after long and heartfelt conversations, mutual help and goofy talks.


Written by Gabriel Z. Kuri (Dinn K)

Engineered, Additional Production, Mixing & Mastering by Cameron Mizell.

Piano performed by Iselin Leine

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