A visit to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence- Italy A real digital task

Carmela Alberghina

This lesson is inspired the project in Classmates vol. 2: Men who made the difference.

In occasione dello scambio culturale organizzato dalla vostra scuola, create una visita virtuale in un museo, scegliete tre famosi artisti italiani ( Leonardo, Botticelli , Raffaello) e le loro opere (una per ognuno) da mostrare ai visitatori

Our lesson will be a visit in a museum one of the most beautiful in Italy, to instill in students love and passion for art, improve their drawing skills studying the art-crafts of great artists and understand that Art is an International expression of Humanity.

Task: Students in groups will create a virtual visit in The Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence and here each group will choose an artist and then choose a particular of his production . Before the visit:

  1. collect information about the person you chose .
  2. Take notes: date and place of birth / death – what was he like? – actions – achievements – most important events in his life.
  3. Each group writes in English a presentation of his famous artist using the past simple (max 50 words) and look for pictures to use in the final presentation. You can do this work together with the other members of the group or individually.


Tools: Google Maps, Goggle Earth, Wikipedia,,spark adobe page

Assessment: the students will do a survey in which they will say their opinion about the project, how they evaluate the experience talking about the skills that they improved of the and then they will write articles in English. These articles will be published in the School journal and send to the foreign School so their partners will share their experience and know the richness of their country

Times: 2 hours for the visit; 2 hours for the productions.

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Carmela Alberghina

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