Dragonfly eating its victim. Dragonflies like eating flies, gnats, mayflies, mosquitoes, and other small flying insects. They sometimes eat moths and butterflies as well. Dragonflies fly to get where they need to go, and to capture their food as well. Mosquitoes and midges are most at risk as dragonflies like eating them the most. They catch more than 95% of the prey it targets. It can also predict how its prey will move before catching it. They catch their prey with their legs, and the spines on them prevent the insect from getting away.
Dragonflies help produce oxygen, and clean the water. They also help reduce potential human health risks because they eat so much mosquitoes and larvae.
Dragonflies are often found near lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, swamps, etc. Dragonflies do not land on people to bite or sting them. They will only bite someone if they are caught with hands, aggressively. However, they are harmless.




Jocelyn Santos


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