Temperate Deciduous Forest Leaf project

The Temperate Deciduous Forest biome is known for it's beautiful forests and it's wide array of animal life in which inhabit the biome. But of course there is more to this biome than it's beauty. The plant life that the biome carries play a huge part in normal life among the beings that live in the biome to us humans in need of a help. From feeding the primary consumers, to providing the needed materials to creating medicines. So just saying that this biome has no reason to b ehere other than beauty is an understatement.
The Oak Tree

In the Temperate Deciduous Forest biome, there are around three levels of plants. Lichen, moss, wildflowers and other small plants are the first level. Shrubs occupy the middle level, and hardwood trees take up the last level. The Oak tree is one of those trees that do a lot more than sit and shade animals. As most people know, oak trees have acorns. This type of nut are essential for the lives of small animals like birds, squirrels, deer and other consumers. Without them, most of the population living in the biome, if not all would die off. So survival of the oak tree is vital for the population. A way that this oak tree protects itself from being destroyed by the cold winters in the forest is by developing thick bark which protects against these winters. With this, the oak tree will be able to survive and provide food and other necessities for the life in this biome.

The Beech Tree

The Beech tree is another hardwood tree that lies within the Temperate Deciduous Forest biome. This tree is like the oak tree, in which it has a type of nut called the Beechnut that feed the small animals inside the biomes, but this tree is not very common throughout the biome. Instead, it is used by us humans to create medicine. The leaves and beechnuts of these trees provide us the essential parts of creating medicine that we use everyday. A way that this tree can survive very easily in some of the toughest conditions are it's broad leaves. These leaves help the tree capture a lot of sunlight that then is used to create energy for itself. So not only can it take care of itself, but it can also provide both animals and us humans with the needed materials to survive.

The Guelder Rose

The Guelder Rose is a wildflower that grows within this biome. This flower does what every flower does, photosynthesise and provide food for animals. Not only this it can be used in medicine that can save the lives of injured people. It adapts against the biome by growing right under big trees with leaves that cover the flowers from harmful weather.

The Lady Fern

The last plant is the Lady Fern. This plant is like any normal plant, ut photosynthesise and provides large amounts of food for the big and smaller animals that are hungry. It spreads in very large clumps that go under and also around the tree either in the open area or shaded regions. With its broad leaves, it gets energy very quickly and efficiently meaning that it can survive with the lowest amount of sunlight.

Pruduct: The Pant-Like Auto-Feeder

In this biome, most if not all of the plants don't really mind being used as a way to get energy. Most of their adaptations are used agianst some harsh conditions that this biome goes against. My product is a plant like auto feeder in which carries all your food and keeps everything for spoiling while reminding you that you have to eat after whatever activity you did. This container also keeps out bacteria and different bugs that would try and take your food. This is also very power efficient because it uses the sun to grab the energy needed to work.

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