Mikey's Number the Stars Book Diary by MIkEY


I think that war is the fear of getting shot the sound of plane's overhead dropping bombs the smell of smoke as building's near are burning until there's nothing left and trying to live while dodging obsticals and still trying to defeat the enemy

to me living in a community means to have an end less amount of friends and endless laughter because friends bring laughter and without some of my friends I would not probely not be here

Literary Analysis

Mama says "be one of many". I think this means to not be the same as everyone else and do different ways than others I think that mamma says this so that ellen and annmarie

""well Annemarie said slowly ,"now I think that all of denmark must be a bodyguard for the jews, as well"" (page 25)

I think it would look like the people of denmark doing evreythig they can to help the jews like giving them food to eat and blankets to keep them warm


we just read that peter came over to annemarie's house to talk to her parents and a little to annemarie

therefore I predict that peter came over to talk about what the germans where doing


Man Vs.Man

There is man vs. man in the beginning of the book when the soldier pulls on Kirstis hair

the characters Annemarie and Kirsti learn to try and stay away from the soldiers because their mom told them to stay away from them

This is an example of man vs. man because Kirsti head hurts when the soldier pulls her hair

Man Vs. Nature

I see man vs. nature when Mrs.Rosen (man) says she's seasick because the sea (Nature)

Mrs.Rosen is involved with this because she has to get away from the Germans

It is man vs. nature because the sea (nature) is making Mrs.Rosen sick

Man Vs. Himself

Where I see man vs. him self was when Annemarie was asking herself whether or not she would die for the king

The character Annemarie is involved with this because she is the one thinking it

this is man vs. himself because Annemarie is thinking about something

Man Vs. society

Where I see man vs. society is when the Rosens (man) are trying to get away from the Germans (society)

the characters Annemarie and her family are involved with this because they are the ones that helped them get away from the Germans

This is man vs. society because it is one person/family vs. an army


Friendship to me means is friend's risking something for their friends and to me that would be one of the best friends ever

to me this means friend can be the worst or best thing ever but when their the best it means they could save your lives someday

the book shows friendship because Annemarie and her family are kind of risking their lives to save the Rosens

vocabulary words

Lanky and stocky

"she was a stocky ten-year-old unlike lanky annemarie."(page 1)

Based on this sentence, lanky and stocky have to oppisite meanings. I also know they are body types because of the description of the race

lanky means tall and skinny stocky means big and thick build.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; other words; messy, cheesy, lucky


"wait for me!" Wailed little Kirsti left behind but the other two girls weren't listening.(2)

as Annemarie and ellen were racing down the street little Kirsti was getting left behind

wailed means to give a cry of pain, grief, or anger


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